The Gospel of the Prophylactic by Chauncey Dandridge #worldaidsday

The Gospel of the Prophylactic by Chauncey Dandridge #worldaidsday


(written 12/01/2010)
woke up just now

to a shiver

the curtain in my bedroom

flapping in the wind of a damp day

old man winter has been fighting with the atmosphere lately

struggling to force upon the world his bitter ways

its the first day of december

a day that has had a different significance

for as long as i can recall desire

never in my life has my promiscuity

or even my mental sexual adventures

not been embalmed with the didactic

of the idea that my dance could be deadly

but trudging along with that filthy stain

i have been infiltrated time and time again

with the mind altering unsophisticated pain

of the guilt of being spared of the poison

i have been reckless and uninhibited

i have been irresponsible and naughty

i have been on a rampage of anonymity

i have preached the gospel of the prophylactic

yet have many times refused to open my missalette

i have trolled the underbelly of the filthiest city in the world

and yet i have come up above untainted

i have been anchored with envy at those who wear

the scarlet stained symbol of addition

their bills paid and problems seemingly solved

i have shared my goals and dreams with them

i have shared partners and pipes as well

left with the emptiness of the missing quotient

dividing the reason that makes me so special

impenetrable and indestructible

leaving the only solace in the shrapnel

that i am a proud sentinel of this war

twisting my confusion and carnal calypsos

into ammunition and fortitude and love

i have heard many a pill bottle rattle

the percussion of an arrhythmic drum circle

i have had my voice turn hoarse

at rallies and marches and protests

i have had my eyes grow red and my vision blurry

at far too many morbid memorials

hoping one day for the heroes to rest in joy

and the victims to finally rest in peace

in the moratorium of the antebellum


– Chauncey Dandridge
photo at Housing Works Thrift Shop HK 12/01/2012
#worldaidsday #chaunceydandridge #poetry #outspirational

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