i had to pee so damn bad. i should have gone to the bathroom at the office but the cleaning guy was in there doing what he had to do and i wanted to get downtown as soon as possible. like a little boy, my legs were shaking and i was grunting and breathing heavy. i needed a bathroom as soon as possible but there is certainly nowhere to piss deep down in the bowels of the subway. i half wondered whether people were afraid of me…whether people thought i was crazy as i shivered in frustration waiting for the v train to pull up. of course, the first train was an e…a train that i had to let pass by. the wave of intense and vulgar need to relieve myself subsided for at least a minute or four but then it returned. i looked around as i always do for someone to bestow my carnal attention to but failed to find anyone suitable to desire. finally the v train pulled up and i got in…grabbing a seat as far away from the returning rat race contestants as i could. inside i was going insane. the pain ebbed and flowed like an angry ocean…slammin itself against the shores of my inner crotch. the stops were blurs. the need to piss eventually became obstructed by the need to get to my destination. i was going to attend an erotic poetry reading put together by some acquaintances of mine and i was seriously excited. a writer myself, i realized it has been years since i have read anything i’ve written in front of a crowd. the last time was too long ago to remember. the only thing i recall is the frightening way my hands shook as i spewed forth my amateur words of prose and the embarassing way my knee vibrated with nervousness. my intention was to figure out a way to get back into reading my stuff in front of an audience. i knew i was a capable writer but i wanted to finally get back into the scene i so desperately belonged in.
i scurried up the stairs after finally reaching my stop and briskly walked down the block to the bar that was hosting the event. i walked inside and started walking towards the back of the bar. the first person i saw locked eyes with me and practically demanded i return the favour. he looked familiar. he looked like someone i knew so i immediately rose to the occasion and said, “hey…what’s up”. the festivities were well on their way, i was only about fifteen minutes late, so i pranced to the rear of the bar and threw a desperate plea to the bartender, “where is the bathroom?”.

“Downstairs”, the youngish man behind the bar whispered. Immediately i climbed downstairs and found a urinal to give me freedom. I exhaled dramatically as i zipped my pants up and relished in the moment of freedom from the pain of a full bladder. i climbed back up the stairs and returned to the bar to order a drink. i looked over at the man i thought i knew and realized that he was not the man i assumed he was. he was practially a giant, tall and handsome, sporting a simple beard and dressed in a simple pair of jeans and a polo shirt in an unnoticeable shade of green. he turned towards me and grabbed my eyes again, practically demanding i look back at him. i looked around, trying to become comfortable with my surroundings. he was a tall and handsome man, obviously confident despite the fact that he seemed well out of place in his surroundings. he entertained me with a half smile and eventually turned his head away while i exchanged money with the bartender. i took a long swallow of my drink and attempted to get comfortable.
he turned back and looked at me and threw a smile my way….i returned with a mediocre smirk and grabbed my glass…sipping furiously to lubricate my situation. i thought to myself “wow…this guy is really into me” and i looked down at my watch to see how much time had passed since i arrived. i had only been here for about five minutes and already someone was devouring me with temptation and wonder. i enjoyed that satisfaction for a few moments and sat back in my barstool.
there was a slight intermission in the program and i decided to go outside and smoke a cigarette. there were two other people outside aside from the overly friendly doorman. one, a fashion victim of a twink who obviously got bogarted into showing up at this event by his burly cohort who stood next to him…babbling about how much he like the last ‘performer’ while his young counterpart pulled from his cigarette practically ignoring each and every proclamation he made. i giggled inside. how many times have i been in that situation? how many times have i been misunderstood by someone i thought was a good friend. oh well….life goes on.

when i turned towards the door, my cigareete nearly finished running its course, i noticed that the tall man found his way outside. he reached into his pocket for his pack of cigarettes and lit one, eventually glancing in my direction and tossing a smile in my direction. it had been so long since someone had made it so obvious that they were interested in me…whether it be physically or any other way that i was completely entranced by the situation. i pulled another cigarette from my pack and lit it up. i began to study him. he had forearms deliciously covered with a wonderful amount of hair, a plentiful amount of chest fur sneaking out of his polo shirt and a pair of eyes that demanded attention. i was certainly hooked. and it seemed like he was too. he was certainly one of those people you imagined doing the dirtiest, most insane things to yet you also managed to picture spending hours just lounging in bed with…caressing his face and exploring his body. i giggled to myself. this was possibly going to turn into an interesting evening.

“hey there handsome”, he said. i was giddy with excitement.
“what’s up?”, i replied.
“my name is david”, he returned.
“todd”, i admitted.
“a pleasure to meet you”, he shared.
“same here man….are you here for anyone in particular?” i asked.
“not really…i just thought it would be interesting to hear what other people had to say about what turns them on” he said.
“that’s cool”, i added. after finishing my second cigarette i told him i was heading back in. he returned with a smile and followed me to my seat.
“i have to go to the bathroom…i’ll be right back”, i said.
“i’ll be right down”, he replied with a chuckle. i returned the laugh…not sure of his sincerity. i put my drink down and made my way to the staircase leading to the bathrooms in the basement. pushing open the door i found the toilet furthest from the door and unzipped my pants, relishing the sound of footsteps on the staircase. in the distance, i heard the host proclaiming that the second half of the show was about to begin when i heard the door to the bathroom open followed by a few footsteps. i glanced behind me while i pissed and noticed that david had come downstairs like i planned…or expected to. he pushed the door open to the stall i was in and put his arm on my shoulder. i turned around and locked eyes with him once again. he looked into my eyes and said, “damn…you’re killing me man”.
i leaned forward and shoved my tongue unabashedly down his throat. he followed my every move and rested his hand at the base of my spine while he explored my mouth with his eager tongue. i was so enthralled by this stranger that i was willing to do anything to please him…and i was about to. while we kissed, my hand searched for his belt buckle, intending to unfasten it and get me that much closer to his cock. it has been years since i’ve had the pleasure of doing something completely immoral in a semi public place that i was voracious and my hands quickly found his belt and unfastened it. he groaned as my hand slipped into his underwear and wrapped itself around his semi hard erection. it felt huge in my hands and i ran my tongue up the side of his neck and nibbled on his ear. this man was prime. his strong arms massaged my neck while our tongues battled and my own erection grew harder and harder. he shoved his hand down my shirt and found my nipple, diddling and teasing it until it was rock hard. i desperately wanted to get on my knees and service this hot stud and he obviously wanted the same because he pushed me back slightly and quickly unbuckled his pants. he put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down to the floor. i found myself staring at his manhood. he was insanely erect…small beads of precum lingering on the head of his magnificent cock. i licked the head of his dick, relishing the salty flavour of his come. i looked up and he closed his eyes as my mouth completely engulfed his cock. he had a wonderfully thick shaft that filled my throat and almost made me choke. i loved every minute of gliding my mouth down and up his pole, listening to his quiet moans and i wrapped my hands around his balls…massaging them while his cock filled my throat again and again. i took one hand and reached up to his chest…finding his nipple and pulling at it. his growls assured me i was doing exactly what he wanted me to do. his chest was hard….his chest heaving as he grew more and more excited. to me…this is heaven. there is nothing more satisfying than giving someone pleasure to me and even better when that person makes you completely aware that you are doing everything right. his groans became more frequent and i realized that he was close to cumming. my heart thudded with excitement as his moans of pleasure grew higher in pitch and his thick, muscular thighs quiverred and i knew he was about to release. i took a deep breath as his entire body shuddered and he put both his hands tightly on the back of my head while his cock spurted deep into the back of my throat. i choked for a second and gagged on the extreme saltiness but i forced my head onto his cock and swallowed each and every drop of his come.
i wiped the tears from my eyes and looked up at him as he grinned. he carefully placed his thick member back into his pants and reached down to give me a simple kiss. that made me smile. i motioned for him to go first and i remained in the stall for a few seconds to compose myself. i zipped up my pants…tucking my hardon to the side of my underwear and opened the stall door. i took a deep breath and turned on the faucet….washing my hands and slapping water on my face. i grabbed a towel and wiped myself dry and headed upstairs.
when i got upstairs i walked over to the bar and ordered another cocktail. i looked around and realised that my tall man was gone. he was satisfied….he had found what he came here for…i was his release.

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