everyone has a favourite deli they go to in their neighborhood…and we all have different reasons for it being our favourite too.  Well aside from the fact that everybody who works at my favourite deli jokingly calls me ‘habibi’…there is one guy who works there that just blows me away whenever I see him.  Arabs are certainly not everyone’s taste but I’m not concerned with everyone else’s taste.  This is my fantasy right?  I don’t know his name but I don’t really need to know it.  I always manage to see him when I’m more than half drunk on the way home from the train..when I’m sure my staring lasts a little longer than it should and my big bloodshot eyes tell much more of a story than my lips would but that’s what these guys live for.  They get their kicks out of seeing the drunk people of the neighborhood stumble in at 4 or 5 in the morning make a fool out of themselves as much as they enjoy seeing the smile you make when they remember what type of cigarettes you smoke after only your second visit.  There is just something about Arabic guys, young and old, that for some reason I am into.  I love catching them singing because they all surprisingly have pretty good voices.  I love their accents and I love their eyes.  People sometimes think I’m Arabic because of my eyes and maybe somewhere along my Italian heritage some Arabic blood snuck in…who knows.  I just think they are a fascinating culture and I’ve honestly never have noticed a instance of homophobia in their presence…if anything they toy with me and my roommate and in other cases send out some mixed messages of flirtation and have sent me home reeling with some violent fantasies often leading to a quick and vigorous masturbation session before bed. Let’s get back to my man.  He’s the only one I’ll let make me a sandwich or slice up cold cuts.  There are times where I’m wandering around the store in a semi drunken haze and he sees me from the backroom and runs out with a smile on his face and says ‘hello’ or ‘what’s up’ waiting for me to ask him if he’ll make me a sandwich.  Honestly, I’ll often give in and get him to make me one whether I’m hungry or not.  He’s certainly not the most handsome man in the world and he’s not even the typical guy I find attractive but there’s just something about him.  He’s on the slim side, but very tall and has perfect olive skin with dark, dark curly hair that peeks out from his baseball caps that he wears all the time.  They are always slightly askew giving him this innocent boyish look that is juxtaposed by his handsomely aging formerly boyish face.  He looks about my age or younger and seems the most Americanized of the crew there.  His accent is less thick than the others and he seems to be a loner of sorts.  He’s never at the counter, he’s always in the back room doing something except for when he peeks out and sees me fondling bags of potato chips or surveying strange boxes of cookies trying to decide what to accompany my alchohol induced hunger with.  It’s safe to say he fancies me too…not in the sexual way I fancy him but I guess I’m one of the more polite regulars that pops in there from time to time and I’m always a big spender too. Stupidly, I always feel bad about asking for ham on my sandwich because I’m conscious of trying not to offend him but sometimes you just want ham on your sandwich so I asked for ham and swiss on a roll with mayonnaise and tomato.  He sensed my hesitation and smiled at me. He said, ‘ don’t worry buddy…I’m allowed to touch ham…I’m just not supposed to eat it.” He laughed.  Then he took a slice of ham and rolled it up and shoved it into his mouth.  My eyes widened with surprise. “I do a lot of things I’m not supposed to” he added and winked at me.   I chuckled nervously but managed to squeeze out a playful retort and I said, “wow.  What else do you do that you’re not supposed to do?”  He responded with a nervous giggle that almost seemed like something I could freely read into but alas I was drunk and horny as usual so I just silently waited for him to finish, paid for my things and crept home to gorge myself and pass out to catch some sleep before another day at the office hit me smack in the face the next day.  We had a company outing tonight so we weren’t expected at the office until after noon tomorrow so I knew I could go a little overboard with the liquor tonight. I carried on down the block and twisted off the cap of my giant bottle of water, took a long swig as I pressed the elevator button.  I could not wait to get inside my apartment and chill for a bit before I hit the sack.  I put on some music and sat down on the couch with my bag of goodies.  I took out my sandwich and unwrapped it.  There was a piece of notebook paper sitting on top of the roll folded up into a tiny square.  I was confused but I picked it up and unfolded it anxious to see what it was. Scribbled in red ink was a note that read, “hey habibi, you have been coming to this store for a long time now. I think you like more than the ‘forbidden’ ham.  I cannot give you my phone number but I will be working alone at the store tomorrow night…come back and keep me from being lonely ok?   Same time as tonight ok?   Hope to see you! Sleep well habibi -Adham” I almost choked on the water I was drinking and had to reread the note to make sure I wasn’t imagining things.  I certainly wasn’t.  I was staring at an invitation to have my way with my habibi deli crush. “holy shit” I whispered aloud.  I put my sandwich away, pulled my pants off , wrangled my stiffening cock out of my boxer briefs and jerked myself off to completion in record time with just some spit and imagination.  Adham was his name I finally learned.  Just the thought of kneelng down in front of him and unleashing his fat, Arab monster into my mouth made me shoot like a piston across the room at least five feet onto my hard wood floor.  Tomorrow night could not come fast enough.

to be continued

So after a long day at work, i rushed home as soon as i could.  it was already midnight when i was leaving the office.  i had gone into work in the late afternoon anyway so it was actually a less than eight hour workday for once.  the company car was available so i took advantage and got a ride home.  all day i was obviously distracted by that folded up piece of paper i found in my sandwich.  i was powering through paperwork with an unusually painful grin on my face and was just waiting for someone on the staff to ask me what i was so happy about but fortunately most of the regular staff was out of the office most of the day doing on site work and meeting important people for lunch, late lunch, dinner or drinks.  wednesdays for me were basically my least busy day for meetings and errands and rarely any deadlines so i usually stayed in the office the whole day catching up on the menial duties.  i loved the variety of my work week and although the hours leave little time for play, the pay is good and something in my blood allows me to easily find trouble whether i’m looking for it or not.  such as last night.

the car rode past the deli and i actually felt a butterfly or two flutter in my belly.  i had no idea what to expect in a couple hours when i went to keep Adham ‘company’ at the deli.  i was worried that something would go wrong and he wouldn’t be alone or possibly wouldn’t even be there and this was all just a cruel joke on his part.  but no…there was something in his eyes that certainly wasn’t lying and his face almost displayed a strange kind of seriousness and an almost childlike determination that i of course found irresistibly sexy.   i went home, relaxed for a bit and then took a nice hot shower and prepared myself for my encounter.

i decided for some reason to put my suit i wore to work back on and even put the same shirt on even though it had quite a musky scent under the arms.  i didn’t remember sweating much all day but i do remember finding my cock at half mast and a few times at full salute a few times when the excitement and wonder of the night’s adventure.  i guess i didn’t want him to think i went home and prepared myself to meet him.  i wanted to make it seem like i just got out of work.  i walked down the block and swallowed a gulp of air before i went in.  naturally my heart dropped when i didn’t see Adham there.
the other guy i see there most of the time said ‘hey habibi…you want sandwich tonight?’
i said ‘sure thing’
‘Adham!  Habibi is here…come make him a sandwich!   I have to get out of here before i lost my mind anyway’   my heart started beating faster even though i was relieved that he was leaving and it looked like this whole scenario was a go.
Adham hurried out of the backroom with a mop in his hand and said, ‘Habibi you work too much…you just come from work?’
‘i went in late today so i had to work late…that was quite a sandwich you made me last night…i almost called in sick today’  i followed with a chuckle.
the other guy said, ‘something was wrong?’
i assured him i was joking and we all shared a laugh.  then, the older guy strolled from behind the counter, patted me on the shoulder and with a ring of the bell slamming against the door as it closed behind him…Adham and i were alone.  it all happened so quick like it was choreographed.
‘you have absolutely no idea how happy i am that you showed up tonight’ Adham exclaimed.
‘well i’m happy you’re happy Adham.’ i quickly retorted and then said, ‘ i really don’t want a sandwich…i could use a beer though,’
‘help yourself…it’s on the house tonight…anything you want is on the house’
‘i’m in charge tonight.  they left me in charge so i give you…how do they say it…cart blanche right?’
i giggled, ‘yes…carte blanche…that means anything i want i can have’
‘then that my friend is exactly the words i was looking for’.  i noticed he didn’t have his hat on and the thick curls on his head were wild and dark and glistened in the harsh deli light.  he also looked as clean shaven as i had ever seen him before.  it seemed like he may have prepared himself for tonight more than i had.
he then added, ‘let me just clean up a little back here and by then that guy will have gotten into his car and have driven far, far away to Woodside to his ugly wife and then i can lock the door ok?   go get your beer habibi…take your pick.’
‘you’re going to close the store?  i thought you guys never closed?’
‘well what do you expect me to entertain you with the door wide open so anyone can come in and steal everything?  tonight we close for renovations…by the way habibi is name we call people we like but don’t know their name.  what is your name anyway?’ he asked.
‘Todd’, i answered and made my way to the beer section and pulled out a six pack of stella, used my keys to open one and took a long, deep swig.
‘Todd?  very nice name…i will call you Todd when i am alone with you but habibi when the other guys are around ok?’
‘sounds good to me man’

he then walked around from the counter and pulled on the hanging light switches, rolled down blinds i never noticed were even there until now, locked the door and turned around and smiled the biggest grin i had ever seen his face create.  he looked gorgeous in the neon glow of the neon lights that hung in the windows of the deli.
‘we don’t have too much time…the next guy comes in at five o’clock for his shift so that leaves us about an hour to hang out ok?’
‘an hour sounds good.’  it was very strange how calculating this all seemed, as if i was not the first and not the last person he has coerced into the store after hours to do his bidding.  but then that notion was shattered with what he said next.
‘this is the first time i’ve ever been trusted with the store alone and what do i do?  i make moves on my favorite customer and pray all day that he shows up tonight.’  he laughed heartily, ‘i still cannot believe that you are standing in front of me.  i still cannot believe that i wrote that note first of all…nevermind actually putting it in your sandwich.’
‘i’m still thinking i’m going to wake up myself mister’, i responded.
‘do you know that was the fifth time i wrote a letter to you but last night i finally got up courage to put it in your bag.   you are the most beautiful customer.  you are the most beautiful man in this neighborhood.  i get so nervous whenever you come in here’
‘really?’ i said surprised, ‘this is unbelievable!’
‘nobody that works here knows that i used to have a boyfriend for a long time in Yemen.  my parents never knew either.  i am not ‘gay’ like all the faggots that come in here with short shorts and tight shirts…i am gay like you…i’m a man and i like to be with a man.  my pleasure is better kept a secret.  i enjoy it more like that.  i have wanted to be naked with you for a long time.  i have long, skinny body but you have nice, thick American chest and strong legs. ‘  i was so entranced with his handsome face and his monologue i didn’t realize i had already finished three of the beers and that his hand was squeezing my bicep.  ‘may i taste your beer’ he asked.
i said, ‘sure’ and held the bottle up to him.
he said, ‘i don’t need bottle’ and he removed his hand from my bicep, took his other hand, placed it on the back of my neck and shoved his tongue down my throat.  it was slightly awkward at first but then we found a rhythm and explored each others mouths like our lives depended on it.  immediately my cock began to harden.
we separated for a second and i said, ‘wow’.  he smiled.
‘i talk too much and wasted many minutes of our time…we don’t talk no more ok?’  i nodded in approval and our lips joined once again.  this time my hands went up and framed his shoulders, massaging his lean muscles eventually groping his chest and relishing the tight torso beneath his apron.  everything i had thought about what was hiding underneath that dirty apron he always wore was turning out to be true.  my chest started to pump blood throughout my body at a much quicker pace as our deep tongue battle slowed down.  he took my suit jacket off and unbuttoned my shirt so fast i hardly noticed he was doing it.  immediately his tongue traced my erect nipples and his mouth engulfed each one with such unique precision it was obvious that he was very experienced in the art of sex and that he was extremely turned on by me.  he stepped back and pulled the apron off over his head and attempted to remove his shirt so quickly he had trouble getting his arms out for a second or two so i helped him.  where my body was thick and stocky, his was lean and long.  we were opposites yet we were both undeniably male, masculine and strong and both slipping back in time to our primitive natural selves.  i put my hand on his chest and the heat he was radiating was so strong that it almost made me pull away but instead i followed with my other hand and pressed into his warm flesh.  i slid my hand down to his belt and unfastened it.  i was enjoying myself so much that i was having trouble staying focused on one part of his body for more than mere moments.  i wanted to see his arab cock so bad….i wanted to hold it, feel its weight, stroke it, lick it, squeeze it, taste it, swallow it.

instinctually i lowered down on my knees as i pulled his baggy jeans down.  his boxers had a thick lump in them, the wrapping of my gift.  i stuck my fingers behind the elastic and pulled them down.  his cock was beautifully bronze in colour and deliciously thick.  i put my face up to it and took a deep whiff of his pheromone muskiness and felt my own cock begin to drizzle precut.  i held his giant beast in my hand and was amazed at how heavy it was.
‘you like?’ he whispered.
‘i will let you figure that out…but remember…we’re not supposed to talk’
‘ssshhhhhh’ he said as he raised a finger to his plump lips.  i smiled and held back a chuckle.   i stroked his monster for a little while and savored each twitch as it grew harder and longer in my hands.  i licked the head and then slurped on the head softly.  he groaned in satisfaction.  nothing makes me feel more pleasure than when know i am giving pleasure so i then began to take a little more than the head in my mouth and slowly, inch by inch with tears flowing from my eyes, i managed to get the entire shaft into my throat.  i pulled back and gasped, wiping drool from my face and taking a couple deep breaths.  it was quite a fucking piece of meat.  i was contemplating whether there would be enough time or not for him to get a chance to fuck me.  a cock this big would certainly not just slip right in…it had been months since i was last penetrated so i started to hope that at least a half hour had passed.  i was certainly enjoying myself to the highest degree but an hour is an hour.  he was so passive and gentle, not once trying to force his cock down my throat and the few time he put his hands to my face is was to caress my face or run his hands through my hair.  this romantic behavior and tenderness were the last thing i expected from my Arabic man.  i was assuming it would be very cold and aggressive and that for some reason there would be something derogatory or abusive happening to me.  i guess we are all a little bit racist or judgmental when it comes to hooking up with a primarily heterosexual man.  i had to keep reminding myself that he had shared with me a bit of his past and that he wasn’t just doing this to get off…he was doing this because he liked me and wanted it to be enjoyable for both of us.  i wanted to lick and suck and nibble ever inch of his body but his cock was so delicious and impressive i could not stop tending to it.   then he lifted me up by the shoulders and put his tongue back in my mouth.
‘we only have twenty minutes left’, he whispered.  ‘i want to taste you too’.  i was shocked that i must have been licking and worshipping his member for probably a half hour.
‘ala carte’, i replied.  he smiled and laughed a little.  ‘can we please make a promise that this is not the last time we hang out…an hour is way too short for me to spend worshipping you.’
‘maybe next time i can come over your house and we can take forever’
‘sounds like a plan’
my pants and underwear were already off because i was stroking my dick while i was struggling to take all of his thick beast down my throat.  he pushed me onto my back on top of the ice cream cooler.  one of the doors pushed open and the icy air tickled across my bare ass and thigh.  he held each of my legs with each of his long arms and dove down onto my ass and quickly made a mess of his saliva all over my thighs and hole.  my groaning echoed his and he worked his way up to my cock.  he swallowed it quickly and mesmerized me with his deep throating skills.  i noticed he was attending to his own meat with long, steady strokes as well.  i was getting close to orgasm and it seemed like he was too.  he lifted me up and with his hand grabbed my cock and his own in both of his hands and stroked us as if it were one giant beast of a dick.  his eyes were struggling to stay open as i could tell the semen was probably welling up in his hairy balls.  i came first and shot a thick load that he caught in his hands.  he then smeared it all over our uncork and within a minute he shot such a powerful burst of cum that it honestly hit the ceiling.  i looked up in amazement as it dripped off the ceiling and landed on my stomach.  it was probably the most insanely erotic yet unusual thing i had seen in a while.  the sweat on both of our chests glistened in the distant neon and he put his lips on mine one last time and we shared a wonderful final kiss of the night.   we realized we only had a few minutes before his coworker would be arriving and i figured we needed to open up the door and turn all the lights back on to make it look like the store was never closed.  we quickly helped each other get dressed and magically got the place back to normal about five minutes before his cohort would arrive.  the entire night just seemed too perfect and i was waiting for something terribly wrong to happen to counteract the sheer ecstasy of the experience.  we barely had time to communicate anything other than the normal shop talk and chit chat since we weren’t alone anymore.  i took a walk around the aisles and picked up some other groceries i could pretend i needed…things i could of course use.  i paid for my stuff and noticed the six pack of beer with three empty and three full bottles in it was to the right of the cooler we had just fornicated on.  i pointed to it for him to figure out what to do with it and he went over, picked it up and placed it in my bag.
he whispered, ‘save me one for when i come over ok habit?’
i was astonished and added with a similar whisper, ‘i thought you guys didn’t drink alcohol?’
he just patted me on my butt and said, ‘have a good night habibi!  see you next time ok?’
‘be good guys’ i replied and when i took one last look back into the store as i was leaving i noticed the lovely stain on the ceiling above the ice cream cooler.  i couldn’t stop laughing all the way to my apartment lobby.  definitely my favorite deli in the universe…