i just started working at this office recently, mainly doing half data entry and the other half event planning and producing so my work is pretty scattered throughout the day and far from monotonous. i’m busy from the minute i get in to the minute i leave and i prefer it that way. most of the women there are cool…but some of them are old with a bit of pre-menopausal attitude and the other few are somewhat bitter and icy. the men are either well into their fifties or they are somewhat younget but socially inept, quiet types. a few are cute but none i’d really be interested in more than a handshake or an after work cocktail with…if that. the only person that has really caught my attention is this younger “boy”, dare i say named jacob. i met him the second week i started on a monday. the fifteenth to be exact.

after the whirlwind tour of meeting all my new coworkers and desperately trying to remember everyone’s name, i took a walk down to the kitchen to get myself a fresh cup of coffee. i was kind of in my own little world trying to digest all that has happened to me in my first week in a new place. i walked into the kitchen area and sitting at the makeshift computer desk was the cutest boy in baggy jeans, a basketball jersey that was entirely too big on him and a cap…clicking his mouse and darting his eyes around the screen following his mouse. i snapped out of my haze and took a deep breath.
“hey, what’s up?”, i said.
he turned to look at me and smiled, “hey!”.
“i’m todd…just started this week”, i continued.
“hey man…nice to meet you…i’m jacob.” he reached out and shook my hand. I quickly felt the heat rush up my back and fill my ears with blood as i strangely became nervous in his presence. he was a good looking boy…not model material…but that certainly doesn’t do it for me anyway. he had the kind of face that could look silly and goofy one minute and then intense and aggressive the next. his big hand let mine go and i caught myself watching his hand return to the keyboard.
“i do part time maintenance in the building. i’m here mondays, wednesdays and fridays. welcome to concentration camp!”, he snickered.
i chuckled, “yeah..i heard it gets pretty intense around here.”
he stared into my eyes, “but intense is a good thing right?”
“sure is”, i replied, confused by the look on his face and the words that came out of his mouth. it didn’t seem like it made any sense for him to say that but i guess being young and doing maintenance in a high strung entertainment production and promotional company, you get to see a lot of people stressed out, frustrated and possibly strung out going crazy working to accomplish a lot of things in a short period of time. most of my jobs have been that way so i figured i’d feel right at home here.
“you going to smoke? can i bum one?” he asked.
“how did you know i smoked? everyone does around here i guess huh?” i replied.
“nah…i saw the box in your pocket man” he returned. why he was looking at my pocket i had no idea…but i knew i would be making trips to the kitchen often on the days he worked. just one week into the job and i already had a little crush. he was obviously straight and probably would kick the shit out of someone on the street that looked at him the wrong way. his frame was slim but his forearms were pretty thick and sinewy and his pecs jetted out from his chest pretty impressively. he probably worked out a lot and had classic latino good looks…anyway…their bodies just naturally formed into defined perfection just from carrying groceries up the stairs on a weekly basis.
“c’mon. let’s go” and he got up from his chair, pushed it in and followed me down the stairs to the smoking area. when we got outside he took a deep breath as i handed him a cigarette and placed one in my mouth. i lit his and then lit mine.
“thanks man”, he said.
“no problem”, i replied. he leaned against the wall with one knee bent, his foot pressed against the wall. i took a deep pull of my cigarette and eased my eyes towards him to see if he was looking at me. he was looking down the block the other way as my eyes quickly took in his full stature. he was about five inches shorter than me and had a nicely trimmed goatee and chin strap that i used to have when i was younger. then, he looked back at me. luckily i had finished my speedy critique. i wouldn’t want to get caught looking at him the way i was. i felt like such a little pervert. he was so much younger than me…not the kind of guy i’m usually into. my libido often got the best of me and i can’t say i really minded. every day, whether it be on the train, in a bar, at a deli, at the park or just walking down the block…many a man had become the subject of a pornographic temporary romance in my head…why should this situation be any different? the only thing was that i would be seeing a lot of him. as luck would have it…mondays, wednesdays and fridays are the days i’ll most likely definitely be at the office and not onsite at an event or promotion. this is going to be interesting.
“i’m so excited man” he said. “i’m finally turning 21 next friday.”
“really? that’s awesome!” i replied jovially. “that’s a milestone man…enjoy. i remember when i turned 21. i could finally drink legally…not that it stopped me before that.” i laughed.
“yeah…i feel like its been forever getting to 21″ he added.
“enjoy the time while it lasts…after that boom you’re 30 like me and then its all the same shit every year” i remarked. he was such a friendly guy, quite the opposite of the look he was giving off. thinking as i often do in stereotypical terms, he probably lived in a neighborhood in the city where he had to maintain a tough exterior to somewhat protect himself. i wondered how many younger guys and girls spent so much energy dealing with that instead of being able to be themselves all the time. we chit chatted about age and time and anything else we could fit into the average length of time it takes to smoke a cigarette and then reentered the building to get back to our respective jobs.
“alright man…nice to meet you…thanks for the cig…catch you soon” he finished.
“you too man…if i don’t see you before friday…happy birthday”, i added.
“it’s only monday man…you’ll see me before then for sure…i’m the ghost in the hallways late at night” he joked. I returned with a chuckle. i walked up the stairs and pressed the button for the elevator. while i was waiting i noticed a funny half smile on my face. ‘the ghost in the hallway’ i thought to myself….’the sexy, young hot motherfucker named jacob’ was more like it. i loved distractions…especially in the form of a tough but sweet latino boy that worked in my building.

so the following friday rolled around and i didn’t see jacob all afternoon. i wanted to make sure i wished him a happy birthday but it didn’t look like he was in all day. i went to the kitchen four times hoping to catch site of him but he wasn’t there. i checked at the front desk a couple times because he would often fill in for the security guard while he was taking a break but didn’t find him there either. i didn’t want to ask anyone about him because that would certainly have seemed odd. a couple of the guys that worked there were gay as well and i knew one of them from another company that i worked at down the block years ago, but i didn’t want to give them any reason to think i was showing interest in jacob. that probably would have looked a little suspicious. can’t have a reputation for being a dirty youngish old man this soon into my time here. i laughed to myself. i seem to do that a lot lately.

at around 6:30 i went down to the kitchen to grab my fifth cup of coffee. i was up late the night before attending an event and staying too late as usual so i was exhausted and still had a decent amount of work to do. i fixed myself the largest mug of coffee i could find and walked through the double doors to the hall where the elevator was and lo and behold, jacob was there…sitting at the front desk reading a magazine while glancing up at the camera montiors briefly.
“hey birthday boy…where have you been all day?”
“hey man…thanks….i fixed it up so that i could come in and do the late shift today. i was planning on taking off but george couldn’t work tonight because of some family shit so he worked for me during the day and now i’m here till 10. my friends are meeting me much later tonight when i get off to celebrate so i figured that would work out fine. i’ll be over 21 now for the rest of my life so i figured the party could wait.. haha” he answered enthusiastically.
“cool”, i said. “where you planning on going?”
“my girl said it’s a surprise…i hate surprises though and she knows that…so it better not be anything too crazy” he replied. i frowned inside when he revealed for certain that he was straight…but that made it all the more tabboo to think of him so debaucherously. there i go chuckling to myself again.
“alright…have fun tonight. see you on the way out.”
“cool man…what are you doing here so late on a friday night…don’t you have a life?” he snickered. i was a little taken aback by his smarminess…but it seemed his way since that ‘concentration camp’ comment when we first met.
“i’ll be done soon….just had a lot to do and i came in late today because of that party last night” i remarked.
“cool man…see you on the way out”, he concluded.
i got in the elevator and waited for it to climb to the 32nd floor. i walked down the hallway and sat at my desk, took a big gulp of my coffee and got back to work. about an hour or so later i heard a vaccuum cleaner humming in the distance. staying at work late enough for the cleaning crew to kick into high gear seemed like it was going to be a regular occurence for me here but i must say i did like the flexible hours and the fact that after an event they didn’t expect me in until after 12 or later. i made some phone calls and emailed some files to clients. i got up to go to the bathroom. after splashing water on my face i shut off the faucet and heard the distinct hum of the notorious vaccuum cleaner. it sounded like the maintenance crew finally made it to my side of the floor. i hated making them feel like they couldn’t do their job because i was still working. i would constantly tell them to continue but they would insist on waiting until i was done. i walked out of the bathroom and there he was. jacob was rolling the vaccuum cleaner back and forth down the carpet in the hallway on the opposite end of the room. he was wearing long shorts today, his hairy calf muscles peeking out the bottom ever so much flexing as he walked the machine forward and backward. god he was sexy. i wanted to rip his pants down and bury my face in his virgin ass so bad my dick began twitching in my pants. the shirt he was wearing was on the unusually tight side today for his standards as the cotton hugged his shoulder blades and outlined his broad shoulders and accentuated his tiny waist. i’m sure he had a rock hard stomach and those cuts above his thighs that all guys that look like him do. he shut off the vaccuum and turned around obviously displaying a somewhat stifled startle.
“oh shit man….i didn’t know anyone was up here!” he half yelped. my mind playing tricks on me for sure, i thought i sensed that he was lying just a bit. of course i was still a little hungover and had been staring at my computer screen for most of the day so of course my mind and body were both a little weary.
“just about to wrap things up…i’m ready to get the hell out of here”, i answered. “sorry if i scared you dude”.
“i don’t scare that easily…i didn’t see your computer on and didn’t see a briefcase of anything” he quickly replied.
“briefcases are for uptight old men…i just have my messenger bag”, i picked it up the wrong way and a decent amount of the contents fell out…notably the fag rag i picked up on the way home last night from uncle charlie’s. my face immediately grew red with embarrassment but then i thought…he wouldn’t know what that mag was so i was safe. unfortunately it fell close to him and the front cover had a typically semi pornographic pic of two guys sucking face.
“wow…what’s that?”, he sneered. “so you do like to suck dick!” he added with a strange excitement in his voice.
“well…um…yeah…was it that hard to tell?” i asked.
“i had a little feeling….but you don’t act like a fag or anything so i wasn’t sure.” he said. “it’s cool though…i got cousins that are gay”, he assured. “and a couple guys that work here look at me funny, so i’m used to it by now”.
“yeah…everybody’s got someone they know”, i laughed. “now you know another one”.
“yes…i guess i do.”
“who looks at you funny?”
“that short, bald guy james and the other guy…what’s his name…tall as hell…kinda dorky looking?”
“yeah. edward. he freaks me out sometimes.” i laughed….edward was kind of an oddball.
“who’s the front desk now that you’re not there?”
“joe’s down there….we switched up. he got tired of cleaning after you guys tonight and wanted to chill and eat dinner so i came up to finish where he left off.”
“how come you never look at me funny?” i was completely thrown for a loop with that question.
“what do you mean?” he obviously hadn’t ever caught me staring at his hands…his face…his ankles for god’s sake.
“man..i check you out all the time…you obviously aren’t as quick as you think.” i giggled..almost like a little boy. i was in shock at the exchange so far. was he hitting on me in some strange way? was i imagining this? i looked at my watch and realized that it was almost 9. he said he was here until 10 so if i was going to make a move it had to be quick. was this really happening?
“i never noticed.” he said slyly. “if i did i would have had to suck my dick by now”.
“excuse me?”
“you heard me. you were cool when you first started working here…you said hello and didn’t treat me like ‘the help’ like the other assholes in this company do. and you’re not all sissy like the fags downtown. you’re a man. i’ve fooled around with other guys before. i just always keep it on the down low. if my girl every found out she’d cut my dick off! haha”.
“really?” i was so enthralled by his openness. he only met me a little over two weeks ago.
“yeah…some guys in my hood and me do a little more than smoke blunts together. but they not fags…they masculine like you.” his words became more thuggish and his voice became more guttural. he was obviously getting nervous as he seemed to be getting turned on. i was shivering inside. could this be happening? and at my office?
“well just because i like guys doesn’t mean i have to act like a girl”.
“exactly”, he said, “you look good too…you obviously work out a lot…and i kinda dig all the hair on your arms. turns me on. don’t get it twisted though. i just dig your looks. you’re italian right?”
“full blooded. what are you?”
“i’m dominican, a little bit puerto rican and the other half is italian.”
“damn!”, i said. “you got all the good shit!”
“yeah it’s good aiight”, he answered as his hand cupped his crotch.
“so you wanna give me a birthday present?” i gulped down hard…almost choking on my words.
“what? you mean here in the office? what if someone comes up and sees us?”
“well joe is stuck at the desk. the only other person in the building besides you and me is roger. he’s on the floor below us busy cleaning all the dishes and glasses from the event tonight. he’ll be there for another two hours. as long as he hears the vaccuum going he won’t think anything’s up.”
“well what are you going to do…run the vaccuum while i suck you off?”
“you’re a quick learner mr. todd.” i laughed out loud and laughed even harder on the inside. this was obviously either a set up or a dream come true. this kind of stuff only happens in cheesy porn movies. the young, hot straight acting thug seduces the older, business man in the suit…tie unloosened…hair disheveled. but no…it was most likely happening to me.
“am i freaking you out?” he asked.
“well. a little…actually a lot. i can’t believe this is happening.”
“c’mon man…you never did anything crazy like this at work? there was a guy here about a year before you who used to choke on my dick for hours at night. he was a little scrawny thing. he wasn’t a big guy like you. he started to crush on me so i had to stop fucking around with him. he was in love with my big dick. i’m sure you’ll like it too…it’s pretty” he laughed while he massaged his boner through his baggy shorts. “you wanna see it?”
“um….damn…well…of course i do but i’m freaking out…i just started here and all.” i stuttered like a little school boy who forgot his homework.
“relax dude…anybody in the building is busy doing their slave work. nobody will find out anything. trust me….do you think i would want anyone to know i’m about to let a guy suck on my shit?”
“i guess you have a point there…” i loosened up my tie like the man in the porno would and took a deep breath. “can i do the undressing for you?”
“sure man…you like it like that huh? i’m all yours….happy birthday to me.”
“happy birthday jacob”. i walked over to him and led him over so he could lean back against the larger side of my desk. he had the most devious smile on his face that i ever saw. i think i kind of followed suit and smiled wickedly. he took his cap off and placed it on my desk. then he pulled his shirt off revealing just a wifebeater underneath. it was a raggedy, old shirt with holes near the bottom and one of the shoulders was a little stretched out of shape. his wavy chest hair escaped from the top and my hands quivered with the thought of being able to devour this young, hot stud’s cock in mere moments. he pulled the tank top up over his neck leaving it on but exposing his rock hard abdomen and thick chest, the tightness of the shirt accentuating his beefy arms and i stared at the tufts of bushy hair crawling out of his pits. i asked him if he was ready and he nodded in approval. i hungrily dashed my face into his pits…licking and sucking the musk from under his arms. i licked and sucked eventually getting to his nipples which were rock hard. nibbling and chewing i heard him wince and felt his chest heave assuring me that i was doing the right thing.
“damn son…this is gonna be some good shit…i can tell already” i assured him he was in for a treat and he just grinned. his rough masculine face was incredibly handsome to me…he was the kind of guy i’ve had nasty thoughts a thousand times seeing guys just like him on the train…in the street…bouncing a basketball…talking on his cell phone in every part of the city. now i finally had the opportunity to indulge! my dick took on a life of its own and pushed painfully at the front of my trousers. he pulled his belt off and unbuttoned his shorts letting them drop to the floor. his boxer briefs clung to his thick, muscular thighs and the outline of a thick snake was more than visible. this boy was hung like an ox it seemed. i grew lightheaded at the thought of seeing it in its full glory.
“go ahead man…pull them down….i’m so fucking horny. suck my fucking dick.” i was astonished at how quickly he went from the polite boy that worked in my office to a sexual demon demanding that i service his huge piece. i hooked my fingers behind the band of his underwear and pulled down the casing. just like i imagined his dick was thick as hell. it looked heavy and when i cupped my hand underneath it i felt the massive weight of a monster cock. he was uncut and semi hard. i feared i might even have trouble swallowing it all once it reached its full potential.
“you like it?”
“um…who wouldn’t?”
“my girlfriend is afraid of it haha. she tried sucking it a few times but she can only get a little past the head in. i have faith you’ll do a lot better than her.” he snickered. he was about to find out how much better i was. i licked my lips and lifted the giant member so that i could suck and slurp on his big nutsack hidden behind his manhood.
“oh shit man…you gonna suck my nuts?”
“yeah…is that ok?”
“shit man…that’s fucking my favorite” i quickly encircled one heavy globe of his testicle with my mouth and rolled it around my tongue. he groaned so loud and that made me even harder. i had to let me dick out. i unzipped and freed my painfully erect cock. i got both balls in my mouth for a while and then decided it was time to go for the full beast. when my head retracted from his balls i noticed that i had made his dick fully erect. it had to have been at least nine and a half…maybe ten inches, the foreskin peeled back from the head already a bead of precum had formed on the tip. i was in heaven. i flicked my tongue onto the head, pulling the small discharge into my mouth, savoring the saltiness. i looked up at his perfect latino body and placed my hand around the base of his thick sausage. it was definitely thicker than mine and obviously longer. i’m used to having a thick dick but this one was a decent amount thicker than the tool between my legs. i started going down on him trying my best to take it slow so that i could eventually work most, if not all of his cock down my throat. he was groaning and spitting out a few words in spanish every now and then. he was enjoying just about everything i was doing.
after about twenty minutes of cocksucking i managed to get all of his fat, long cock down my throat. my eyes were watering and my nose was running. he saw how hard i was working and put his hand on me, massaging my neck and shoulders while he pistoned his dick in and out of my mouth.
a few seconds later he grabbed my neck and pulled his dick out…strings of saliva still connecting my mouth to his pulsating snake.
“shit man…i almost came. i don’t want to lose my nut that fast…this shit is too good to be over so soon.”
I wiped my mouth and began to catch my breath.
“dude?”, he asked in that deeper growl, “would you eat my ass?” again i was distraught at how ridiculously hot this encounter was already..now he wanted me to eat his ass? i answered him by turning him around and diving full force into his hairy ass. his hole was obviously tight and sweet, the taste of sweat dancing deliciously on my tongue, his rough manly scent filling up my nostrils. i was in heaven for sure! one hand spread one of his cheeks open for me to dive in deeper while the other hand slowly stroked my burning rod. he yelped with excitement as i slurped and nibbled on his asshole.
“shit man….you are a fucking pro at this! i’ve never had someone eat my ass out before like this…you’re really into my hole…fuck!” he pushed his ass back into my face while both of his hands slowly stroked his big, fat uncut cock in front of him. his slow strokes eventually matched my own tender yanks on my dick and we both moved in a magical rhythm that sent shivers up and down my spine. after what seemed like an hour but was probably only ten minutes he turned around, sweat pouring down his face, trickling down his lightly furry chest…matting the hair down, glistening in the low light of the almost barren office.
he pushed my head back from him and took some time to catch his breath. i thought he had shot his load and i was momentarily disappointed because i either wanted to see that monstrous dick explode in my face or gag on it as he emptied his seed down my throat.
he looked me dead in the eyes and pleaded to me, “i want you to fuck my ass!” i almost had a heart attack. once again, here was this gorgeous, young specimen of masculinity that i thought i would only have spent hours at night jerking off and fantasizing over practically begging me to fuck him! i was still waiting for my alarm clock to go off…a lovely, nasty dream cut short by the morning, but no..this was real…too fucking real. for a second, he became that sweet, polite boy i met a little over two weeks ago and said, “after all…it is my birthday man”.
if i had the breath to laugh i would have…it was the cutest most innocent look he had in his eyes…but a look covering up a devious little devil wanting my very own dick to invade his hole.
“um…what….well…sure…have you ever had a dick in your ass before?”
“my homeboy in my neighborhood tried once but his dick was a helluva lot bigger than mine and it just wasn’t gonna happen.”
“holy fuck…a lot bigger than you? your dick is scary enough haha”. he laughed with me.
“not saying you don’t have a big dick man…yours looks pretty big too but this motherfucker is from jamaica…they have three fucking legs over there”. we both laughed again. this situation was so amazing. here we both were…pretty much strangers except for the daily hello and goodbye, the occasional cigarette outside and here we were talking like buddies and laughing about how crazy it all was. that part was golden. even if we never fooled around again after this or we spent the rest of our time working together sharing awkward glances and embarrassment, we were having an awesome time right now.
“well only cause its your birthday”, i joked. he laughed and smiled at my acceptance of such a mission. he obviously wanted to take his little sideplay further and i was the one to show him the way. i went over to my bag and pulled out a couple condoms when i remembered that the bar i stopped in after the event had a big candy bowl filled with lube that i stocked up from. i hadn’t gotten a chance to go through my bag this morning so all thirty sample packages were still tucked away in the inside zippered pocket. perfect!
“shit though…i forgot about the vaccuum. i gotta turn it on while we do this so it sounds like i’m working up here”
“that’s right. go ahead.” he walked over to the vaccuum, turned it on and moved it around the office floor for a few second before he left it over in the corner. that one particuar spot would be so much cleaner than anywhere else in the entire building.
when he walked back over, his dick was still semi hard so i knelt down and gave it a few more swallows to get it back up to its full, impossible size. he just shook his head in disbelief at how amazing i was making him feel. i took the rest of my clothes off and he wrapped his hand around my cock.
“damn son…this shit is thick too…you gotta start off slow.”
“of couse…i’m not here to hurt you.” i ripped open a condom and rolled it over my rod. i took out a few packets of lube and emptied them onto the base of my dick. i took out a few more and emptied them out in my hand. i told him to kneel down and get on all fours. he obliged. i rubbed the gobs of lube in my hand on his hold and shoved two fingers inside. this boy was tight as hell. at first my fingers made him wince but eventually i was able to work two and then three fingers into his hole without him shaking much. the sound of the vaccuum cleaner stifled any of the sounds he made but i could feel the vibration of his moans all the way from his tight, virgin ass. that made my dick throb even more!

i got up close behind him and reached around to jerk his dick. he was still maintaining a perfect erection and while one hand massaged his cock i used the other to play with his nipples. i rubbed the head of my cock in and around his tiny hole getting him primed for invasion. it took a long while to get just the head of my cock inside. it obviously hurt him a decent amount because the head of my dick began to hurt from the pressure of his tight walls that i was so willing to eventually split open. never in a million years did i think this hypermasculine, hot stud would want my dick in his ass…but i was certainly not complaining. slowly but surely i got a decent amount of my penis into his ass and was beginning to experience his backward thrusts. he was obviously adjusting to my size and was beginning to enjoy the pain and pleasure that was occuring within him at the same exact point in his body. getting fucked for the first time is always a traumatic experience no matter how gentle or rough the other guy is but i tried to make it as comfortable as possible. once he started to buck his hips back with a little more force i knew that it was ok for me to ease some more of my engorged manhood inside. eventually i wanted to be buried to the balls inside this sweet ass. my hands occasionally wrapping themselves around his giant cock while i pistoned slowly in and out of him. he was loving it so i pushed harder and harder until finally i was completely buried inside him and that’s when i stopped. i could feel him gasping for air as i slowly took my cock out and then slammed it back in full force. his head flew back in ectasy and i repeated. over and over again i would withdraw slowly and then thrust back in with all my might. with every violent thrust his whole body would jerk and that made insanely powerful waves of pleasure flow from my dick straight up my chest and down my spine. sweat was pouring from my chest and head, dripping on his sinewy back. i dug my arms onto his shoulders and began pounding mercilessly for as long as i could until finally i felt an orgasm that i knew would knock me off my feet. i shouted at him that i was ready to come and he told me that he wanted me to pull out, take off the condom, fuck him again and shoot inside him. in the heat of it all, i did exactly what he requested despite the ramifications. quickly, i ripped off the rubber, threw it to the side and slammed my throbbing cock deep into his ass just in time to release what seemed like a gallon of cum. he yelled in pain and pleasure and starting cursing and mumbling like a man posessed. when i was finally done unloading in his hole i fell back to the floor, my dick making a popping sound with cum dribbling off the end of it still attached to his hole like my saliva to his dick earlier. he got up and turned around and shoved his dick deep down my throat. then jacob put his hands firmly on the back of my head holding his cock deep into my throat while he unleashed a monstrous load directly down my throat, gagging me and forcing tears out of my eyes. his cum had a wonderfully salty taste that i really only got to enjoy as he eventually pulled out of my throat and left his heavy dick hanging in my mouth so i could finish off his load. we were both covered in sweat, his ass filled with my cum and my stomach filled with his. i was still in awe of what had just occured as he walked over and shut the vaccuum cleaner off.
he looked at his cell phone before he got dressed and said, “shit! its almost ten o’clock! i have some shit to finish before i can leave…man that was fucking amazing! i know i don’t have to tell you this is a secret…but i’m telling you anyway….and please don’t crush on me cause then i won’t be able to enjoy myself with you and believe me…there will be other times…i definitely want to get to fuck that ass of yours next time…whether you like it that way or not haha”.
still trying to make sense of the situation i added, “did all of that just really happen?”
“yes it did man….happy birthday to me ahhahah”.
“yeah man…Happy Birthday to you! and me”.

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