“Alone With Alon”

Sorry its been a while but work has been killing me and i really haven’t had much time to do anything seedy enough to write about.  finally i had a week off from the job i love and hate with equal amounts of passion.  funny enough, my week out on fire island didn’t pan out into the expected dance with sodom and gomorrah i was expecting.  it was on my way back while on the train that i met alon, an israeli transplant who was obviously looking for some american style sexcapades.

he had only been in the nyc area for about four months and had the kind of israeli cockiness that seemed to be a common trait amongst the inhabitants of that country and there was absolutely nothing wrong with that at all.  as a matter of fact, his bold advances are what sent my appetite for cock over the edge.  we danced in small talk for a bit and then i relished in the raising of my body temperature as his eyes surveyed my body.  his widening grin assured me i was exactly what he was looking for and possibly more.  he was on the shorter side but thick and beefy with very natural muscle tone and the kind of eyes i could stare into for hours.  his hand kept making his way down to the hefty bulge in his shorts and his thick calf muscles made my mouth wet.  he spoke in a thick accent with that trademark israeli lisp that always gave the most masculine blockhead the kind of boyish charm i admired, a juxtaposition that won me over every time.  there must be something in the water in the middle east.  the mix of hot temper and eager sexual adventure, along with their  generally close to perfect physiques and fat, sloppy cocks was a fantasy in progress.  i’ll admit i was hornier than usual and was probably letting any of this specimen’s imperfections slide by in order to get laid but i was never ever attracted to the abercrombie and fitch types anyway.  i had my own unique qualities that were rarely considered top of the line sexual selling points…therefore the men that turned me on were in my radar for much more important reasons.  alon fit that quota to overflowing status.  his skin was taut exposing various tributaries of veins coursing with lusty blood that certainly made my cock twitch in my running shorts.  he had a small scar on his right cheek that made his beautiful hooked nose and giant eyes framed by thick black eyebrows and a sleek buzz cut stand out even more dramatically   i was positive he wanted to fuck at some point and i decided to prolong the flirtation dance to maximise the intensity of the encounter.  i had nothing to do for the next two days so the thought of him inside me and me inside him was the most important thing on my agenda.
i asked him if he was busy later and he replied in an almost comical non chalant way, ‘i was hoping i’d be busy fucking your ass later’.
i half chuckled and said, ‘wow…your confidence is unparalleled i must admit’.
he then asked almost sheepishly, which turned me on even more, ‘why, you don’t like me?’
i smiled and replied, ‘don’t worry my friend…you haven’t done anything wrong yet.  even if i had something to do later…i’d be on my phone right now rescheduling immediately. ‘
he replied with a giant smile and said, ‘very good.  i was just on this fire island and all the men were such bitches or they were with their boyfriends…not only did i not find any of them sexy enough like you but they were like women.  they probably would have complained every minute.  you seem like a cool guy.  i like the way you walk.  i was watching you climb the stairs to the train and wanted to bury my face in your ass right there.’
‘wow.  i like your honesty.  i just had the same experience on that fucking island.  all my friends pissed me off.  they either pine over the supermodel assholes that they are never going to get or they get so fucked up they wake up next to someone they are afraid to wake up haha.  the only guy i met that i would have wanted to fuck just let me suck him off on the beach and then ran off because his boyfriend texted him wondering where he was.  why the hell didn’t i see you out there?’
‘what side were you on?’
‘i was at my friend’s house on the pines.’
‘i was in the cherry grove.  my friend i knew from israel had a house on that side and he invited me for the week.  i stayed by the pool most of the time.  i don’t really like to drink.  i party once in a while but alcohol doesn’t agree with me.  i’m what they call ‘and angry drunk’.’
‘its good that you know that about yourself.  i don’t drink vodka anymore because it makes me sloppy.  can’t suck dick too well when you’re clumsy.’
‘you like to suck dick right?’
‘you’re going to have to slap me off of yours later’
‘i would never slap you…i don’t know what you americans think about israeli men…’
‘i was kidding…i was trying to say that i love to suck cock.  you look like you have a nice cock…you keep petting it after all.’
‘the best cock’, he giggled. ‘i have been touching it because every time i look at you it misbehaves.  i find you so sexy.  i want to be naked with you.  i want to do many things with you.’
‘show it to me’, i boldly ordered.
‘yeah man…the train is empty.  i’ll be the only one to enjoy the view.’
‘is this a requirement?’
‘you don’t have to but i just want to see the best cock in the world right here…right now.’
‘you are funny.  will you let me fuck your ass later if i show it to you?’
‘you are going to fuck my ass later either way.’  i couldn’t believe how raunchy and demanding i was being to a total stranger on a train.  i guess i was more sex deprived and hungry than i thought i was.  he then stood up and unbuckled his belt and sat back down.  he unzipped his shorts and yanked his underwear down.  out snapped a gorgeous, thick, veiny beast of a cock that made me gasp.
‘holy shit!’ i exclaimed ‘that thing is fucking beautiful!’
‘i told you.  the best cock.’ he said proudly.
‘we’re almost at penn station.  would you like to come to my apartment now or meet up later?’
‘i cannot believe i have met someone as bold as me.  that makes my dick so much harder.  i need to put it away now.  i wish i could fuck you right here. ‘
‘hold on’, i said ‘don’t  put it away yet’.  i then got up and sat next to him.  i grabbed his pulsing monster by the base and threw my head down onto his piece, engulfing almost the entire length in one swoop.  his huge slab of meat filled my entire mouth and brought tears to my eyes as i fended off gagging.  i slurped at the head as i pulled my head up and tasted a dollop of fresh precum that tasted as sweet as honey.  i tucked his cock back into his underwear and zipped up his pants.  despite all the things i wanted to mutter, only a hefty exhale of carnal approval found its way out of my mouth.  i got up and walked back over to my seat.
‘what planet are you from?’ he asked.
‘the same one you’re from.’ i responded.
we were quiet the rest of the way, my hand massaging my swollen cock in my shorts despite my worry that the pending train car exit would be a journey of embarrassment trying to hide my boner all the way to a taxi.  i couldn’t believe i was going through with this.  i am no stranger to debauchery but this was the most voracious i have been in weeks.  i guess my vacation wasn’t quite over yet.  we barely spoke as he followed me up the stair case once we reached the last stop and found a taxi down the block after we both shared a cigarette.  i was in love with this moment of pure lust and was very interested in how the night would unfold.  he was quite the specimen and i got off looking at him as much as i got off looking at the way he was looking at me.  we finally got to my apartment and once in the elevator i was expecting him to attack me.  instead he put his giant hand on the back of my neck and twisted my head around to meet his waiting mouth.  he thrusted his tongue deep in and gave me one of the deepest kisses i have had in a long time.  this guy was killing me.  i could not wait to see his body, totally naked and slimy with sweat thrusting into my hole from above.  my legs wrapped around his waist and all that other drugstore romance novel fantasy nonsense.  his mouth separated from mine and he sucked the part of neck just below my ear that sent the warmest chills through my entire body.  his hand reached around and cupped my ass in my running shorts and his finger dug slightly into my hole.  this guy was going to fuck the hell out of me for sure.  i was just hoping i was ready for such a thing.  strangely enough, i was hoping he was a selfish top, just wanting me to service his cock and then plow me for an hour or two and then clean up and leave.  naturally i would prefer more, my cock liked to be sucked like anyone else’s and i loved the taste of a hot man’s ass in my face, but this guy was so aggressive and sensual at the same time i had no idea what to expect.  that made the experience as close to perfect as it gets.

once inside my apartment, i grabbed us both a glass of iced tea and after gulping down most of my glass i pushed him up against the wall, took his glass and set it on the table and pulled his shirt up over his head.  just like i imagined, his body was perfectly natural, thick defined muscles on a thin frame…most likely the product of months and months of physical labor and the kind of exercise performed without a gym membership or supplements.  it was breathtaking and my tongue eventually convinced my eyes of what they were astonished to see.  i know i’m probably coming across as an exaggerating child but there was an electricity between this guy and me that was so surreal that i grew short of breath so quickly like the air was changing around us.  i ripped open his belt and pulled his pants down, voracious for the monster cock i caught a glimpse and a slurp of on the train.  this was for sure to be a night to remember and as the events reoccur in my memory my own cock is straining in my jeans as i type this.

i’m certainly not ashamed to say that my cock is in my lubed up hand right now and is stroking while i type.  as each memory returns, i still shake my head in disbelief at how intense my encounter with alon was.  it was so primal.  the kind of uninhibited sex you only dream about.  funny enough…while it was happening i came up with the title for this entry to send to the website.   ‘alone with alon’…i guess i’m always working obviously.  now back to the story…sorry

i knelt down in front of my israeli god and shoved my face into his nutsack, licking and slurping each bulb into my mouth getting his sack wet with my saliva.  spit leaked down my chin as i slurped and tongued every inch.  his thick, heavy cock flopped onto my forehead and i pulled my own cock out to stroke it.  this man was turning me on so much i thought i’d shoot a load right then and there.  i backed my head up and let the head of his dick fill my mouth.  i sucked hard on the head and then slowly worked my mouth over his cock slowly taking another inch in at a time.  i wanted to savour every single moment of his cock in my mouth so i would take it in ten or more times before i went deeper until eventually i was gagging on his beast.  i could feel the vibrations of his moans all the way down at his cock.  i realised he was pretty loud and that just made me more excited because i knew that i was pleasing him.  he placed his hand on the top of my head and slowly pushed it down on his cock.  that made me blow my fucking load.  i shot hard and fast all over the wall behind him and my moans let him know something was happening.  he wrapped his hand around the base of his cock and pulled it out of my mouth.  as i tried to catch my breath he leaned down and shoved his tongue down my throat as i let out the last few spurts of my climax.  he then picked me up and placed both his hands around my waist with a gentle aggression that seemed so perfect yet so foreign to me.  he led me to my sofa and pushed me over the armrest.  the inner part of my knee rested on the arm and he grabbed me by the ankles and lifted my ass up and over so that he could access my hole.  he immediately dropped to his knees and spit into my ass.  his face followed the spit and he drove his tongue so far up that it felt like a small cock was invading me.  i wiped the tears from my eyes built up from gagging on his giant, thick cock and let out a variety of gasps and groans as he forced bolts of pleasure through my entire body with just his mouth.  he licked my balls and took my cock into his mouth for a little while.  he attempted to deep throat me but couldn’t get much of my cock down his throat without gagging.  i said, ‘don’t worry about my cock…just give me your fucking cock!’.
his eyes widened at my demand and he reached over to his shorts, pulled a condom out of his wallet and slapped it on.  it immediately ripped, overstretched by his engorged rod so he went back to his wallet and fetched out another.  he carefully rolled it over the leaking head and successfully rolled it down to almost the base.  i could not wait to feel him inside me but was naturally worried he would rip me apart.
‘please go slow at first…i want to enjoy every bit’, i begged.
‘i am not here to hurt you my friend…just communicate to me when you are ready for all of me’, he replied.  i couldn’t believe his words.  he was blowing my mind with his mix of respectfulness and reckless abandon, i wanted to satisfy every one of his needs i could.    he took his glistening cock in his hands and rubbed the head around my hole and then began pressing and pushing…an inch broke through and i winced until the initial pain subsided.
‘i will tell you if i can’t handle it.’ i announced, ‘until then…do whatever you fucking want man’.
‘i like you’, he whispered.  ‘i want to give you every inch of my cock.  are you ready?’ he asked.  i couldn’t speak so i just nodded yes.  he pushed further and further until more than half was inside me.  the walls of my hole were wrapped tight around his member yet they magically relaxed more and more so that i could handle each additional thrust.  his hands found my chest and massaged my pecs and teased my nipples.  my dick was hard as a rock…something that never usually happens while i am getting fucked but this was not the usual encounter for me i guess.  he pushed further and further and i closed my eyes in ecstasy.  and then the pushing stopped.  i opened my eyes thinking something was wrong.  he looked down at me…sweat dripping off his nose onto my stomach.
‘is everything ok?’, i asked nervously.
‘everything is right my friend.  you have all of me inside of you.  i just wanted to enjoy this moment.’ he replied.
‘wow’, i said…startled at how much cock was inside of me right now.  ‘now you know what i am capable of’, i replied with a smirk.
he responded almost demonically, ‘now you will see what i am capable of.’
i shook my head yes in satisfaction and prepared for his onslaught.  i was pretty sure i was in for something otherworldly and i was right.  his thrusts started slow and even…gradually increasing in velocity and randomness. after what seemed like an hour, he finally built his way up to a steady pounding and i feel like i lost consciousness for moments at a time.  he was slamming his entire phallus all the way deep into my ass and then pulling it all the way out over and over again.  every now and then, while his prick was buried deep in my hole, he would press his body down on mine and lick my face or kiss me or run his tongue over one of my nipples until i realised he was about to cum.  he slid his beast quickly out of my used hole and he put his arms out for me to grab onto.  he then yanked me up from my position and just in time i slid my body down into a kneeling position to await his pending explosion.  the first spurts blasted onto my chest and burned my flesh they were so hot.  i wrapped both of my hands around the base of his cock and swallowed his rod while milking out every last drop of his cum.  he was grunting and screaming in pleasure, shaking violently as i licked and slurped at the sensitive head.  i felt globs of his semen drip off my chest and chin as i kissed and licked and caught as much of his spent load as i could.  it tasted bitter but had a deliciously sweet aftertaste that i could not get enough of.  after he caught his wind he lifted me back up and sat me back down onto the arm of my sofa and threw his hand onto my throbbing rod and stroked it furiously, spitting on it to keep it lubed up until i shot my second load all over his arm, neck and chest.  i felt like i was going to faint, the waves of pleasure were too much for me and he acknowledged that by supporting me with his strong arms and led me to the main section of the sofa so i could lay down.  he lifted my legs up so he could sit down and then placed my legs over his and we sat there quietly, catching our breath and recovering from such a wild passionate fuck.  i was still ightheaded and eventually drifted off to sleep for a little bit.  i woke up a short while later and he was asleep as well…sitting in the same spot.  i closed my eyes and drifted back to dream.

when i woke up again, he was gone.  i jumped up and walked around the house in a post coital daze until i found him curled up on my bed, sprawled out and snoring.  his gigantic cock was soft but still long and meaty and looked as appetising as ever so i decided to wake him up slowly as my mouth engulfed his monster and sucked and pulled it up to superhero status once again.   his eyes opened and he grinned like a little boy.  i giggled and went back to work on his cock and we started our dance all over again.  we’ve seen each other twice since our first encounter and whatever comes of my relationship with alon…if he remains my superhero fuck buddy i would be more than thrilled.  if he learned how to give head i might have to marry him haha.  until next time…

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