The Show That Changed The World: Celebrating Madonna’s BLOND AMBITION Tour’s 30th Anniversary

Happy 30th Anniversary to @madonna Blond Ambition Tour that kicked off in Japan back in 1990.  I could write an essay about how much this concert changed my life.  Maybe I will.  It catapulted her into the stratosphere and cemented her ICON status as the one and only Queen of Pop.  I remember setting my

CARLITO’S WAY: GET TO KNOW FIONA APPLE (before her new record drops)

We here at The House of Dandridge would like to introduce to you a very special new column to the roster! Since the quarantine and Covid-19 pandemic has taken over our lives, we reached out to a few of our friends and fellow artists to see if they were interested in becoming a contributor to the blog and help dust off these pages with some fresh content!


So during this quarantine, we decided to resurrect our Chauncey Chat series and feature short and sassy interviews with nightlife personalities and local artists in the NYC area and beyond. Being a performer or an artist is especially trifling during a lockdown and we are here to find out what happens when you force a creative person to stay home.

A Neighborhood Stroll During Quarantine

It’s a silently different world out here. The nature even seemed standoffish. Usually, it’s welcoming, but today it felt like it was a little hesitant to connect. The sunshine even felt like it wasn’t able to feed the grass. People mingled and chatted but their interactions were compartmentalized and in a box like the sections

Van Hechter & Chauncey Dandridge Take You To “53 Christopher Street”

Listen, buy, stream and boogie to our disco creation… “53 Christopher St.” by Van Hechter and Chauncey Dandridge available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and Deezer! The song is a campy, disco drenched love letter to nightlife, to the legendary Stonewall Inn and is an uplifting and celebratory adventure between the DJ and his new

DJ Chauncey D Takes Madonna Worship To Lisbon Friday, January 17, 2020!

MADONNA WORSHIP: LISBON EDITIONCORVO – PRINCIPE REAL17.01.2002MUSIC BY DJ CHAUNCEY D New York City’s DJ Chauncey D brings his infamous Madonna Worship Night to Portugal in January 2020. To coincide with the much anticipated Lisbon leg of her current Madame X theatre tour, Chauncey Dandridge brings his Madonna Worship magick to Portugal for a one-night

Special Late Night Edition of Freak Out Variety Show Commemorating Trans Day of Remembrance

Very special late-night edition of FREAK OUT planned for Wednesday, November 20th featuring an all trans* roster of talent at The Stonewall Inn. Earlier that evening there is a vigil and march honoring Transgender Day of Remembrance from Christopher Street Pier to The Stonewall National Monument. ***Stay tuned for list of performers. $5 suggested donation

The 11th Annual Madonna Worship Night at the legendary Stonewall Inn To Celebrate Madame X’s 61st Birthday! Saturday, August 17th

The 11th Annual Madonna Worship Night at the legendary Stonewall Inn To Celebrate Madame X’s 61st Birthday!Saturday, August 17th REINVENTIONS BENEFIT SHOW 8PMDOORS OPEN 7:30PM$10 suggested donation benefiting The Stonewall Inn Gives Back Initiative PERFORMANCES BY:ARI KIKI GLORIA SWANSONG EVAN LAURENCE BEARDONNA HIBISCUS JOY DRAGLAND 3RD VERSE KYLE MOTSINGER SHE’KNEAD THIS GIG CRYSTAL COMEDOWNS T-BOY

FREAK OUT Chauncey Birthday Edition Tuesday, March 26th at The Stonewall Inn

FREAK OUT: CHAUNCEY’S FAVOURITE THINGS Tuesday, March 26th at Stonewall 6:30pmRSVPCelebrate Chauncey’s birthday with some of his favourite performers and friends at this monthly variety show at The Stonewall Inn. Madonna.Horror movies.Cheese plates.These are a few of Chauncey’s favourite things… Also Volume Two of his set of poetry books “Something Tsunami” will be released later