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Over a Decade of Dandridge and Counting

A lot has happened since we last updated this page and now is a good a time as any to fill you in on all the exciting milestones in Chauncey Dandridge aka DJ Chauncey D’s musical career,  how it’s growing and metamorphosizing.   2011 was the year Chauncey became a recording artist,  bringing his lust and love for electronic music and his penchant for dark, gritty, witty and even pugnacious prose to the table where sat producer Eddie Andrews.  They briefly met during Chauncey’s short stint doing PR and Marketing for a small independent house music record label based out of New York City.   Both left the label around the same time but still managed to keep in touch.  Eventually, a collaboration was not merely talked about between the two DJs and former club kids,  it actually happened.   Ironically titled “The Right Place”,  the track was forged out of a very modern but not unusual type of kiln.   Over a few weeks, sound files sent back and forth through email and power meetings occurred via text messages upon text messages.  Exercising his one of a kind wit and sometimes sarcastic sensibilities,  Chauncey delivered a vocal take in true ‘bitch track’ style reminiscent of the classic house tracks of the mid nineties with a geeky, queer (in the way that means strange not gay) twist.  Andrews returned with a dark, tech house playground for those words to play around and get in trouble in.  Czech it owt!

Reviews amongst peers were positive and Chauncey’s extended DJ family from San Francisco to South America adopted it into their sets, proudly updating Mr. Dandridge with the crowd’s reaction whenever they played it. It was a dream come true for sure. The track was later remixed by the New York City new wave/synth subpop/electro glam NAKED HIGHWAY. The result, interestingly enough, sounded perhaps more like what an original ‘album cut’ version of the track would have sounded like. The two incarnations of the song would sit miles apart from one another in a music store and that was inherently Chauncey and totally Dandridge (that sounds like it could have been the name of the pilot of a show that no station ever picked up.. “Totally Dandridge” Doesn’t it?)

About a month after “The Right Place” was released,  another track spilled out into the universe that took the unexpected synergism between Eddie and Chauncey into a completely different direction.   Chauncey wrote the lyrics on the way home  from a DJ gig in the East Village to Chelsea.  Lubricated by a more than ample supply of Jack Daniels, “Fuck The Music” was halfway to animation.   Eddie turned over the production in record time and the Eddie Andrews track featuring Chauncey Dandridge was born.  We are sure you mind is wandering, wondering what the song could possibly be about…and if you haven’t heard it already…you will most likely be surprised.  “Fuck The Music” will ignite dance floors with tech house splendor and relentless rhythms, paying homage to Tenaglia, Vasquez, Calderone and various other club music juggernauts.



 Between those two successful collaboration and another track Eddie and Chauncey delivered, there was another friend and budding musical producer interested in taking a shot with more of my poetry and lyrics.  This time, Chauncey handed over a recording of one of his most treasured and dramatic and sexual pieces of poetry he has written.  Stephen Earley Jordan II,  a succesful author and performance artist, took that poetry and encased it in a pulsating, gritty electro cage.   The original poem was written without punctuation marks to maximize the tension and aggression of the piece leaving the performer without a moment to catch their breath…Jordan’s production played with that theme and brought another type of twisted with his Calming The Natives mix of “A Reading From (the book that was never finished)”.  Calming The Natives is the name of Stephen Earley Jordan’s blog, now unfortunately abandoned but still features a photograph taken by Chauncey as its header.  TAKE A LOOK and then take a listen…

“I am your strange game…that you play…until your knuckles bleed.”


TO BE CONTINUED…383307_10150472598248913_743358539_n

IN the meantime…

DJ CHAUNCEY D, a loud and proud Jersey Boy (and not ashamed to say it), first added those two letters “D” and “J” to his name back in 2002 at Urge Lounge in New York City’s East Village. DJ CHAUNCEY D is self-taught and that is what has created his most unique sound, style and sensibility.

DJ CHAUNCEY D has supplied the… sleazy soundscape for many of New York City’s gay “hot spots” such as: The Urge, Beetlejuice @ Nowhere (his own monthly produced party), Boysroom, Daddy @ Vlada and HK Lounge, GRUFF @ The Eagle, The Monster, Stonewall, Sugarland and Hugs (Williamsburg, Brooklyn), The Chapel @ Limelight, The Cock, The Phoenix, The Dugout, Woof! @ View Bar, and Woof! (Philadelphia).   He has recently ventured into The Burning Man crowd spinning events at House Of Yes and Bar 13 for The Bubbles And Bass crew.


Who is Misha?

DJ CHAUNCEY D’s taste in music is constantly expanding along with his professional music resume. His insatiable need to share brand new musical discoveries is only matched by his love for New Wave, Disco, and the Classic House that served as the soundtrack of his arrival on the New York City club scene in the mid-90s.

NEXT Magazine once labeled him a “queer celebrity” and DJ CHAUNCEY D constantly searches for and finds ways to twinkle. He is also a writer, poet, lyricist, event producer, activist, masochist, narcissist and avid blogger.

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