Dance Parade New York Season 11 Lift Off Sunday, February 26th at Taj Lounge!

Dance Parade New York Season 11 Lift Off Sunday, February 26th at Taj Lounge!

click for advanced tickets…only $5!

Dance with us at the exotic Taj Lounge to the feel good soulful music of DJ Ali Coleman (House Coalition). Two riveting performance sets, folkloric to hip-hop, curated to light you up about Dance Parade’s 11th Season. Meet the Movers and Shakers of the 2017 DANCE FOR PEACE Campaign.

presents TASTE OF THE DANCE PARADE performances by:

THE DANCING RUBIES (Belly Dance), MAZARTE (Mexican Folkloric), FOLK CLUB KALEIDOSCOPE (Slavic), AINDRILA’S DANCE & FITNESS (Indian Fusion), BONSAI DANCE LAB (Akim Funk Buddha) and KOZMIC EDGE (Hip-Hop)


100% of proceeds support the artists and Community Engagement programs for deserving kids and seniors. Support the artists best with a donation of $50 or more and get a 2017 commemorative magnet and tote bag! (includes event admission for two).

DanceFest Emcee DONNIE D’AMATO: presents “TASTE OF THE DANCE PARADE” performances by:

Kaleidescope Slavic Folk Club

Dancing Rubies (Belly Dance):

Mazarte Dance Company (Mexican Folkloric Dance):

Mazart Mexican Dance Ensemble

And the hotness of Aindrila Dance & Fitness (Indian Fusion), The Bonsai Dance Lab (Akim Funk Buddha) and Kozmic Edge– A night to remember!

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