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The Show That Changed The World: Celebrating Madonna’s BLOND AMBITION Tour’s 30th Anniversary

Happy 30th Anniversary to @madonna Blond Ambition Tour that kicked off in Japan back in 1990.  I could write an essay about how much this concert changed my life.  Maybe I will.  It catapulted her into the stratosphere and cemented her ICON status as the one and only Queen of Pop.  I remember setting my

A Neighborhood Stroll During Quarantine

It’s a silently different world out here. The nature even seemed standoffish. Usually, it’s welcoming, but today it felt like it was a little hesitant to connect. The sunshine even felt like it wasn’t able to feed the grass. People mingled and chatted but their interactions were compartmentalized and in a box like the sections

The Return Of The House Of Dandridge : A Letter From The CEO “The H.O.D. is open!”

The House Of Dandridge is finally back in business! Sometimes you just have to accept the reality of things. Move on. Refresh the page. Shake it off. Reinvent yourself. Approximately six months ago, when attempting to check my email, my password didn’t seem to work or the server was having trouble connecting from my phone…something