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WWTTON : What Will They Think of Next?

We were going to save this for Sunday, The Lord’s Day, but some things are just too good to wait for.   Thank you to Laughing Squid, one of our favourite blogs and hosting provider, for posting this brilliant Laughing Squid Tip amongst all the other internet deliciousness they serve up on a daily basis.  If only we had a bigger staff here at The H.O.D. …if only 😉

Click image above to visit the site and think of it as The Holy Nyan Nyan Cat if there ever was one

KaleidoPope is an interactive site by Michael Silber that creates colorful kaleidoscopic papal images. Silber describes it as a “visual pun that’s compelling to engage with.”

I composed a photo collage of historic portraits, which is then abstracted when viewed in repeated slices. The lavish textile patterns and mosaic textures provide a rich material for the abstraction.