this story has been on many a blog i have noticed but i personally found it

on seattle’s SLOG blog.  i have some prefacing and preaching to do first though…

obviously the story that follows is enraging.  it seems as things get better in one area of equal rights, they get worse in another corner.  it is a horrible reality that even ‘gays and lesbians’ have had a very hard time accepting transgendered males and females into their ‘category’.  some feared it would hold the gay civil rights movement down,  some were just indifferent, some were completely confused as hell of their existence.  in some ways i guess, transgendered folk are often misunderstood by some homosexuals in an almost parallel way that some straight people are confused by queers.  as much as i despise bigotry and prejudice and discrimination,  the decent amount of tolerance i have for it (when it is passive not violent) i owe to the fact that i have pondered what it would be like to be a heterosexual.  i will never know how it feels precisely.  i have only observed and been told how it is supposed to feel.  there are some things that you just cannot mimic, comprehend or assimilate to if it just is not what you are or ever will be.  please read the story and if you have the ability to spare some monetary help…there is a link below.  i just made a small donation myself. transmissions : the sorry, the savage and misunderstood

let’s jump ahead to the reporter, dan savage.  i know that these are painfully sensitive times.  the gay agenda is being shoved and pushed and groped in more ways than a curious tourist would be on a friday night at the original location/incarnation of ‘the cock’ in the east village.  the one thing that most humans tend to do because we are just that…human…is attack the easiest target we can to gain some empowerment when we are in a state of confusion, frustration, doubt and anger.  i’ve done it before.  you most likely have too.  i don’t know much about dan savage’s personal life and i really don’t need to.  you’ll understand what i’m talking about as you read the rest of the post.  this is a person that has a (from what quick research i have done on him) record of standing on the side of the good fight and if he has taken a bit of liberty and made a mockery out of a close minded politician by ‘revealing’ him as something said politician would be mortified to be associated with simply to pester the hell out of him…in certainly bad taste but sadistically clever nonetheless, i say ‘work it out dan savage’.  i say…just laugh at the stunt he pulled and if you can’t laugh at it then forget about it and go back to fighting the real villians.

too often lately i have read stories and posted stories where obvious allies of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender civil rights movement have been attacked and threatened with boycotts because they went a little bit overboard with their already agressive journalism, already shocking artistic statements and their already avant garde attitude toward just about everything.

lighten up on your friends and come down a lot harder on your enemies…

the dark side is a lot more equipped financially, evangelically and in total numbers simply for us to afford to lose an ally to indifference.  focus and concentrate on standing your ground when the tanks of intolerance come billowing in and instead of chastizing a pal for make a ‘mistake’…take the time to thank them for their support once in a while.  they have no obligation to be on our side…they are doing it unconditionally so give them back a little love if you can.

kudos mr. savage…keep up the good work!

Trans Student Suspended from Same School in Mississippi That Canceled Prom, Later Hounded Out of Town

Posted by Dan Savage on Thu, Mar 25, 2010 at 11:19 AMOriginally posted late in the day yesterday. Reposting.

Constance McMillen wasn’t the first student at Itawamba Agricultural High School to contact the ACLU this year.

 transmissions : the sorry, the savage and misunderstood

Juin Baize was a student at Itawamba Agricultural—for a grand total of four hours.Baize, his mother, and his two sisters moved to Fulton, Mississippi, from New Harmony, Indiana, to live with Baize’s grandmother at the beginning of the year. (For now Baize says he prefers to use male pronouns.) Baize, age sixteen, enrolled at Itwamba Agricultural High School, where Constance McMillen was also a student. McMilllen clearly recalled Baize’s first—and only—day at Itawamba Agricultural.

“People were talking about him all day, trying to get a look at him,” said McMillen. “It was insane, it was ridiculous, it made me so mad. They said he was causing a distraction with what he was wearing but it was a half day of school and people didn’t have time to get used to him.”

The other students wouldn’t be given a chance to get used to him: the next time Baize came to school, according Kristy Bennett, legal director of the ACLU of Mississippi, Baize was given a suspension notice and sent home. When Juin returned to school after his first suspension, he was suspended again.

 transmissions : the sorry, the savage and misunderstood

In ’08 Sloggers helped raised more than $5,000 to pay for the funeral of Duanna Johnson, a transwoman and a victim of police brutality who was murdered in Memphis, Tennessee. According to Johnson’s family, half of the money raised for Johnson’s funeral came from donors in Seattle after a call for donations appeared on Slog. Let’s see what we can raise for a trans kid who’s still alive, shall we? (Oh, and folks who want me to apologize for this:

1269361763 robmckenna transmissions : the sorry, the savage and misunderstood

Transgendered Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna Betrays His Community

Posted by Dan Savage on Tue, Mar 23, 2010 at 9:45 AM

For me the most distressing thing—for me personally—about Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna joining with the attorneys general of states like Virginia (!) and Mississippi (!) in suing to block health care reform is this: Rob McKenna doesn’t make a big deal about it, but he is the only prominent Republican LGBT elected official in the country. And yet Rob is attempting to ingratiate himself with openly homophobic teabaggers and Washington state Republican primary voters by blocking the implementation of a health care reform law that, according to critics on the right, will one day pay for “gruesome ‘sex change’ operations”—indeed some transsexuals are already getting government-funded sex-change operations. It’s staggering that Rob McKenna, a female-to-male transsexual, is making it harder for other FTMs (and MTFs) to access the life savng sex-reassignment surgery that allowed Rob to become the man he is today. Rob had the resources to finance his own sex-reassigment surgery—presumably—but that doesn’t excuse Rob’s cruel disregard for his low-income transgendered brothers and sisters or his making common cause with anti-trans bigots in states like Virginia and Mississippi.

For shame, Rob.

UPDATE: I’m getting some very angry emails about this post. What can I say? I’m so sorry. I wrote the post in a hurry but that’s really no excuse. But I promise that in all future posts about Rob McKenna I will not fail to include a link to the Facebook page “Washington Tax Payers OPT OUT of Rob McKenna’s Lawsuit.”

This is a joke, obviously. Rob McKenna is not transgender. Follow the link for more.

Savage continues….

(Okay, I will—after we raise at least 2K for Juin and his family.
Otherwise, meh, I’ll just keep hating on trans people like the raging anti-trans beegoat that I am.)
here is a little bio for dan…he’s certainly no angel…but angels are boring aren’t they?

Dan Savage

In addition to being a nationally syndicated sex advice columnist and author of books, Savage can also lay claim to being the only person at The Stranger to have actually converted his sexuality into a profession. Of the 100-120 days he works in a given calendar year, Savage dedicates fully 90 of them to psychologically abusing his staff by rewriting articles without telling them, assigning huge pieces at the last minute, and questioning their dedication to the paper, their intellect, and indeed, their sexuality. He has a boyfriend and a child. He is also wealthy beyond the dreams of avarice and cheats at racketball. Good luck getting him on the phone, and don’t ever ask where he’s going or where he’s been.