Obama to NASA: Skip the Moon, scrap the rockets

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It looks like big changes are coming NASA’s way as the Obama administration outlines a new direction for the space agency with its 2010 budget proposal. Interestingly, the White House isn’t calling for a dwindling operating budget year after year; rather, the administration would like to see the agency focusing on new technology rather than new missions with increased support as time goes on.

Scrapped are the plans to have men on the Moon by 2020, and gone is the Constellation program to replace the shuttle fleet with rockets — the program has been deemed “over budget, behind schedule, and lacking in innovation.”

From the New York Times:

Mr. Obama’s 2010 budget proposal for NASA asks for $18 billion over five years for fueling spacecraft in orbit, new types of engines to accelerate spacecraft through space and robotic factories that could churn soil on the Moon — and eventually Mars — into rocket fuel.Going forward, NASA will be encouraged to seek international support for its efforts, as well as turn to the commercial sector for manned space operations. “I think this is a dramatic shift in the way we’ve gone about particularly human spaceflight over the past almost 50 years,” John Logsdon, former director of the Space Policy Institute at George Washington University, told the New York Times.

“It is a somewhat risky proposition,” he continued, “but we’ve been kind of stuck using the technologies we’ve developed in the ’50s and ’60s.”

The plan to restructure NASA will still need to pass through congress before it goes into effect.

Via the New York Times

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first of all, i must say that with all the mess obama inherited from the previous inhabitant of the white house and the two or three that lived there before him i’m pretty impressed that he has been able to even humanly consider anything in his occupation that has to do with anything outside of the Earth’s atmosphere.  for him to have put this much obvious planning, consideration and whether most people believe it or not…respect towards such a prolific entity that N.A.S.A. is and represents i congratulate him.

i am certainly not educated in the situation nearly anywhere near enough to give a proper opinion on his decision and with all the political propaganda and media funneling that exists, you would need some major perseverance and free time to fathom what a decision like his entails so i’d rather devote a healthier this post towards a less daunting and morbid adventure at the same time.

i wonder when obama looked through his telescope as a young boy if it ever crossed his mind that he would one day have a hand in changing the course of the united states of america’s progress in extraterrestrial discovery and redirecting massive amounts of political power, money, hopes, fears and lifelong dedication and sacrafice in a territory more unknown than the subject being debated.  as any human being out there, i am certainly transfixed by the universes and possibilities that exist outside of our tiny hometown we call Earth.  i was definitely one of those kids who wanted to be an astronaut when i grew up and if i have you tied to a chair long enough i could throw some crazy theories at you about what i think is going on and what i imagine is going on…whether i’m under the influence of illegal narcotics or not.  knowing how tiny and meaningless you are in comparison to what exists out there also helps you to realize your inexplicable importance and aids in your satisfaction of life through bewilderment and chaos.  if butterflies can be found guilty of catastrophe while innocently trying to locate the next stamen…you and i have a lot to claim responsibility for.  i could go on and on but this news story has certainly caught my attention and naturally through the wonderful tributaries of the internet…i have found a plethora of outlets to mentally meander through.  alas…the conspiracy theory.  the one guarantee made possible by the world wide web is that since we have the ability to tap into so many thoughts from so many people in this techno tower of babel, we can find flaws in just about everything.  some are certainly pure entertainment but some a certainly well researched and quite plausible,  the protagonist going to often dangerous lengths and many times suicidal missions to prove what they believe in is what everyone else should too.  yes..i can be a tangent abusers but here it goes…

i especially enjoy reading the somewhat scientifically bitchy arguements that occur on techie websites because you learn a decent amount about the situation from several people’s viewpoints in a short period of time and possibly stumble upon goodies like the following.  i think i have to figure out a new category on the blog to file this one under…i think i’ll call it ‘can of worms’ hehe

did we really make it to the moon?  its been a question on every somewhat forward thinking human’s mind at some point…some more than others.  i’m sure getting a healthy paycheck while doing it is nothing but positive reinforcement.  take a look…

from moonhoax.com

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check out the first part of a well respected documentary by aron ranen called ‘did we go?’ here

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