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what mr. reed brings up is gloriously unthinkable.  it is one of those instances where it could very well be absolutely true but since l. ron has passed we shall never really know the facts.  scientology really does hold a mirror up to the vampires of the catholic church and as the story goes…no reflection is to be found.  read on and let us know how you feel about his philosophy about the church of scientology that brings forth a notion that could cause the biggest social tsunami if placed in the correct hands.
dianetics the scientology experiment?

The Scientology Experiment

Posted by Jim Reed on March 17, 2010 at 4:16 AM

Scientology is fascinating if you look at it as an experiment in how religions survive and grow. Perhaps Hubbard was ahead of his time, and wanted to show the world something of what religion was all about. He knew it couldn’t be done half way, it required dedication and absolute belief. It had to be something that could continue to grow after his death, something that ultimately had nothing significant to say, expecially about science, but something that could use any and all techniques that the Roman Catholic church has used down through the ages to maintain control and fight off detractors. It is a brilliant job when viewed from that perspective. Perhaps Hubbard figured if we can figure out how to defeat his religion, we might have learned how to also defeat some of the others.

the following is an excerpt from a very lengthy article about hubbard on

death by 1000 papercuts

dianetics the scientology experiment?

The Church of Scientology has been called a fake and a fraud hiding behind the “skirts” of its designation as a “religion”. Scientology calls its critics “religious” bigots. The origin of the Church of Scientology is relatively new, established in 1953. Compared to other, older more established religions, it’s relatively easy to research the one man who was instrumental in bringing “Scientology” to the world, L. Ron Hubbard. That is, depending on the reference and whether the Church continues to sanitize and scrub clean Hubbard’s image.

The internet is awash in L. Ron Hubbard sites. Depending on where you look, Hubbard is one of the most prolific and influential writers of fiction, a poet, musician, a “leading light” of popular literature in the 1930’s, humanitarian, drug addict, nutjob, malignant narcissist, or Satan.

Most, if not all of the glowing attributes of Hubbard on the web,orginate from websites sponsored by the Church of Scientology. Hubbard’s past has been scrubbed clean and santizied to portray the man in a “prophetic” light. While there are literally hundreds of testiments to Hubbard’s prolific past as a “wise man” and “prophet” of Scientology, one small interview, published back in 1983 in Penthouse Magazine, singlehandedly deconstructs the Church of Scientology’s carefully crafted depiction of L. Ron Hubbard.

Ron Jr. says that he remembers much of his childhood. He claims to recall, at six years, a vivid scene of his father performing an abortion ritual on his mother with a coat hanger. He remembers that when he was ten years old, his father, in an attempt to get his son in tune with his black-magic worship, laced the young hubbard’s bubble gum with phenobarbital. Drugs were an important part of Ron Jr.’s growing up, as his father believed that they were the best way to get closer to Satan –the Antichrist of black magic. 1984 Penthouse Interview

In 1983, Hubbard’s son, Ron Jr., gave an interview to Penthouse magazine. The resulting article paints a devastating picture of the senior Hubbard and his brainchild, Scientology.

Ron Jr. recounts his father as a “broke science-fiction writer” who believed the way to amass a fortune was through pedalling a “religion” to the “masses”. He also recounted his childhood, of his father’s drinking,drug abuse, and Satanic worship.

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Ron was 16 when Hubbard’s book, Dianetics, first hit the scene in 1950. Hubbard opened a clinic in New Jersey where “clients” were assessed using an “e-meter”. Hubbard fled the state after New Jersey and the American Medical Association called Dianetics and Scientology a quack science. By 1953 the Hubbards had relocated to Arizona where the first official “church” of Scientology began with Ron Jr. a willing disciple of his father’s new “religion”.

Ron married in 1953. He never allowed his wife nor his six children and grandchildren to join Scientology. In 1959, after witnessing several activities which involved alleged drug dealing and the laundering of large sums of money plus his father’s heavy handiness, Ron decided to leave.

Ron became aware for the first time of the patent paranoia displayed by the Church of Scientology when he realized that he and his family’s movements were monitored. When his half-brother Quentin died under mysterious circumstances in 1976 and Ron’s belief that his father had died in 1980 and his death was being withheld by church authorities, Ron filed suit to claim his inheritance. Penthouse sent a journalist to interview Ron, who in 1984 was managing an apartment complex in Carson City, Nevada.

Ron spoke about the policy of “Fair Gaming” utilitized by Scientologists to silence their critics. As he had spent years within the top most “inner” circle, he was more than familiar with the tactics being used against him, as he had previously used them against members who had attempted to flee to the fold:

Hubbard: it’s very simple. Scientology has always had a “fair-game doctrine”–a policy of doing absolutely anything to stop an investigation or publication of a critical article in a magazine or newspaper. They have run some incredible operations on the several people who have tried to write books about Scientology. It was almost like a terror campaign. First they’d try throwing every possible lawsuit at the reporter or newspaper. We had a team of attorneys to do just that. The goal was to destroy the enemy. So the solution was always to attack, full-bore, with every possible resource, from every angle, instantaneously it can certainly be overwhelming.

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