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the house of dandridge would like to extend a very, very special thank you to all who attended last night’s 2nd annual madonna worship night at nowhere!   we would also like to thank those who couldn’t make it who were missed terribly whether they were sick or whether they were on the other side of the country because their support meant the world to us as well.  it was a night of seeing old friends and new friends mingle and gel into an amazing soiree that reminds chauncey why he loves djing, hosting, concieving, producing and participating in events and parties like this.  together we did madge proud no doubt!   these are just a few photos taken of the night’s festivities and preparation.  there were cameras everywhere and we are anxious to see all the other photos that captured such a magical night and will be sure to post them as soon as we get our virtual hands on them!

(we recently were informed that chauncey was cavorting on the pool table lip synching to shirley bassey’s rendition of ‘you’ll see’ and when interrogated…chauncey had no recollection of those shenanigans whatsoever)

shirley bassey – you’ll see

big love beams from dj chauncey d!