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Selene duCoudray’s full length album “Painting With Sound” has officially been released to major online music distributors! The collection is available on Amazon, Beatport and iTunes directories and everywhere else Molaman Records are sold.

Reminiscient to the sleaze house of the early 90′s along with the occasional garage house throwback influence, “Painting With Sound”, the full length album from Selene DuCoudray, does just that. The brushes certainly have some mileage and her choice of canvas is never an expected medium, using vulgar percussion and yearning electronic thrusts to work as shelter, presenting her poetry and snappy, soulful delivery over the top of it all.The infectious rhythms and arrangements twist around you like a vine’s contracting embrace, pulling you in tight to listen for fear of missing a single beat.

Selene duCoudray – Painting With Sound FULL ALBUM TEASER by Molaman Records

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Molaman Records is committed to releasing singles, full-length albums and EP’s by innovative, creative and expressive artist. Our music releases in the coming months will be legendary; pushing the envelope in house music. This is the Molaman mantra and we are indubitably committed to this. Molaman artist specialize in songs and releases that take the listener on an all encompassing journey, songs that stand on their own as powerful musical compositions supported by ultra savvy technical skill. These are songs you can listen to all the way through and not have to/want to skip around looking for the club hit or get past “the break”. Bumpin-deep House and experimental house music. In the coming months look forward to hearing tracks that will melt dance floors and bend ears off faces time after time.

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