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The Family Guy vs. Sarah Palin Saga:

Offensively Predictable, Entirely Played Out

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The definitive article on the battle that erupted between Family Guy and Sarah Palin has been written: it’s an A1 NYT feature, it’s comprehensive, and with any luck, finally puts this stupid, boring, predictable saga out of sight forever.

In the event that you can’t understand why a cartoon on Fox would be embroiled in a highly quotable media brouhaha with a former vice-presidential candidate, all you have to know is that it’s Family Guy and Sarah Palin. But if you need more background, basically: Family Guy airs episode starring character with Down’s Syndrome voiced by actress with Down’s Syndrome. Vague allusion/”joke” is made about Sarah Palin as character with Down’s Syndrome notes that her mother used to be the governor of Alaska, har har. Palin, who has child with Down’s Syndrome, gets angry, gets on Facebook, and writes about how hurt she is, as former Vice-Presidential candidates are wont to do.

here is sarah’s hilarious response…maybe she should go into comedy?

Lois Griffin as Sarah Palin: Did Family Guy Predict the Future?

Like clockwork:

1. Seth MacFarlane makes “controversial” episode of thing meant to entertain with Sarah Palin joke.
2. Sarah Palin joke elicits Sarah Palin reaction on internet and TV.
3. Sarah Palin reaction elicits Seth MacFarlane reaction.
4. Separate reactions of Sarah Palin and Seth McFarlane are yielded by “controversy,” producing more “controversy.”
5. More “controversy” yields NYT story.
6. Family Guy gets press, Sarah Palin gets soapbox, Fox gets viewers for Palin’s argument on Fox News and for Family Guy‘s ratings, worthy cause gets talked about more. Everybody “wins.” But mostly Dave Itzkoff, because he got more money than I did to write about this.