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We just discovered the following video/art project by Idan Bitton featuring an 84 minute makeout marathon between fellow artist Alfredo Ferran and himself.    Published in July of 2013,  the video caused a very quiet storm over its content which garnered itself a YouTube warning despite its genuine display of intimacy and love.  It is no surprise that many, many other videos exist on the video site that are much more ‘racy’ and much more morally questionable than this one, but it is obvious that the fact that the two people involved in the film are of the same sex.  This has opened up the proverbial can of worms as to the ‘community standards’ that YouTube needs to reassess and change.  The warning is still up before you are able to click and watch it.   It is a beautiful representation of romance and love between two people and the only thing that we (obviously we fall into the liberal category) could possibly find daunting is its length.  There is no soundtrack,  just the background noise of the traffic outside, leaving the audio captured of the two artist’s lips smacking and deliciously noisy kissing bliss.  The two men starring in the video should be lauded for their stamina for sure and they are perfectly yin to each other’s yang physically,  where one’s beard covers his face, the other is clean shaven and so on.

Should this video have a content warning?   For us and most of you, the answer is probably and most likely a solid ‘no’.  Should we be more proactive and click the ‘red flag’ on other videos we come across featuring heterosexual couples making out or doing ‘str8’ things that are much more vulgar and x-rated?   Maybe we should…

This is just another reason why we love the Tumblr universe as we would not have heard or seen this video otherwise.  Click here for an article from queerlandia that goes deeper into the controversy.   Check out the video below and let us know what you think in the comments section below!


‘First Kiss’

First Kiss is a 84 minute kiss video between the artists Idan Bitton and Alfredo Calle Ferran. While the camera is still, the kiss is in motion provoking the viewer to stay and watch. Idan and Alfredo do not interact with the viewer, but offer a peek into their intimate moments of commitment. This long lasting, present and unapologetic kiss defines our current gay rights momentum. We are here, we love each other, and this is what it looks like.

By: Idan Bitton (www.facebook.com/idanbittonstudio)
Performed: Idan Bitton & Alfredo Calle Ferran
Video: Runn Shayo

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