unnamed On H.O.D. TV : The 1980s VHS Realness of Perfect Systems by Michael Ozone

We’ve been trying to get back into our original swing of things with our second H.O.D. TV post in a row!   Check out a whole page of quite creative, quirky, sometimes kinky and sometimes queer music videos and short films by visiting our H.O.D. TV Page aka “La Peliculatorium” where most of the videos we’ve featured in previous posts live happily.

We can’t seem to find out quite that much about Michael Ozone but we’re going to keep trying because we need to know and feel it will open up a whole new world of that “EDM” music that the kids are listening to these days since the other night The American Music Awards said (with conviction) was a brand new genre taking America by storm.  Found this video on “Waves At Night”, one of DJ Chauncey D’s regular haunts when on the hunt for some new and cutting edge tracks to play at his upcoming gigs.   You will be completely hypnotised by the downtempo, seductively tribal percussion as well as the chants performed in a language we have researched so far as supposedly a Native Australian tongue, the continent Mr. Ozone is from.   The track is without a doubt something you would have heard at the seediest gay sauna in New York City or San Francisco during any part of the Eighties but definitely not before 4:30 am!   The video though is in a league of its own and if you were born before early enough to actually own a VCR when they first came out, you will swear on your life that this video was released around the same time.   You’d be wrong because it was just released in July of 2012 on a record label called ESP Institute!   The graphics are insanely authentic and even the introduction makes you feel like you felt when you first inserted a video tape you just rented and pressed the play button.  Everything about this video and song is totally gnarly and absolutely ‘everything’!  (to coin two phrases from back then and now so you know just how good it is)

unnamed 1 On H.O.D. TV : The 1980s VHS Realness of Perfect Systems by Michael Ozone

Michael Ozone is a total babe no? :)

Enough jibber jabber…right here below is the insanely brilliant and intoxicating video…it’s interesting to notice that Azealia Banks just may have watched this a couple months ago and was inspired by it when she created her latest video for “Atlantis”…you be the judge.  Either way despite any similarities farfetched or not, we’re all about “Perfect Systems” and just about anything Azealia does…


Well…what did you think?   Tell us in the comment section below.  Thank you to again to “Waves At Night” for always bringing the goods and thank you for checking out The House of Dandridge!  If you agree with us, grab the Michael Ozone track from Juno by clicking the single artwork below

CS460198 01A BIG 600x615 On H.O.D. TV : The 1980s VHS Realness of Perfect Systems by Michael Ozone

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