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‘the more things change the more they stay the same’. we think the meaning of that popular cliche/quote is found exactly in the unknown meaning of that popular cliche/quote. things are confusing in the beginning and they are still confusing after they change. the metamorphosis just begets more confusion. everyone goes through change on a daily basis, whether it’s a new job or unemployment, a new love or a new love lost and so on and so forth. rejection may be an afrodisiac to some but it hurts like poison. the fear of the unknown can be more frightening to some yet a thrill to another. it’s all in the perception…it’s all in the perseverance…it’s all out of our hands while sitting firmly in our grip. we hope you enjoy this collection of shorts and hope they change your direction or keep you on the right track…whichever of the two you didn’t think you needed.

Tumblingerstraße from yo man on Vimeo.

designschule münchen
2010 RS YO

Musik: Mr.Polaroid

Between Bears from Eran Hilleli on Vimeo.

my graduation film at bezalel academy of art and design.
a dept to my childhood and other lives i hope i lived. inspired by words of songs that i admire.

original music by Ori Avni and Daniela Spector.


Harvey and Friends from Bryan O’Sullivan on Vimeo.

My third year film at college.

An animated short aimed at young children. Enjoy!

Music by Rory McDonnell

Disappointment of a mite from damla albayrak on Vimeo.

My first animation.

Confusion from Steve Ellington on Vimeo.

Just bored during transportation… www.theautomaticfilmmaker.com

Good Vibrations from Helene Emain on Vimeo.

Bubble Sound Design from Zelig: Composition &Sound Design on Vimeo.

Sound Design Example.
The sound forms the personality of the black and white picture. Transforming the white box and black ball combinations into something tangibale and real.

Train of Thought from David Dutton on Vimeo.

A journey through sketches and memories.
Special thanks to Anthony Wall who mixed the sound and music. Nice touch buddy!

Illustrated by Mike Dutton
Animated and Edited by David Dutton
Music by Henry Dutton (SwayShah)


The Light from Ihsu Yoon on Vimeo.

Directed and music composed by Ihsu Yoon.

Thesis project for MFA Computer Art Department at School of Visual Arts in 2010.

To know more about my work :


It’s Oppo! Season 4 Episode 14 – Share from Tyler Chen on Vimeo.

Nick Jr. Presents – IT’S OPPO!

What Ever Happened To Ultra-Man? from John Walsh on Vimeo.

This is my Grad film from IADT.

A short documentary on the life of retired Dublin based super hero, Ultra-Man

Animated and coloured in flash using a Wacom, then composited in After Effects. The background was shot with a Sony Z1.

I Hope you enjoy!

My Blog: http://jaydouble.blogspot.com/

Dry Fish from Andy Martin on Vimeo.

More at http://www.andymartin.info

Sometime you find yourself in a place that you just can’t explain and quite often it can be a little bit worrying. This animated short tells of one such occasion as our hero tries to express his feelings in the only way he can…via the medium of song.

For a making of this animation click here: http://www.andymartin.info/blog/?p=653

Everybody Wants To Be In Love – Sweet Tooth from SweetToothMusic on Vimeo.

Official video for Sweet Tooth’s Everybody Wants To Be In Love
Track available for download on iTunes and Amazon worldwide.


Video by David Packer Sheep Films http://sheepfilms.co.uk/
Illustrations by Aaron Bevan-Bailey

To take part in Sweet Tooths Heart Project check their blog:


Leather Tuscadero – The Shakes from CRAZYGIRL on Vimeo.

The Shakes

Video by Tiff McGinnis AKA Crazy Girl

Music by Leather Tuscadero

Words by Tiff McGinnis

First video for my totally awesome new super group – Leather Tuscadero!!

Set in 1950′s hip Beirut by way of Tanzania and Bombay. This video tells the tale of a girls battle with the demon drink!

A celebration of alcoholism…
Starring – Tommy Cooper, Diana Doors, Korla Pandit, Rudolf Valentino, Lloyd the Bartender from the Shining, Ganesh, Kali and many, many more super huge mega stars!!!

Stay Tuned for more!!!

Lightheaded from Mike Dacko on Vimeo.


Lightheaded is a journey we take with temperature sensitive candle creatures who sacrifice what they know to become who they are.

This is my first independent film. My advances in 3D allowed me to fully realize a concept I never stopped believing in. I managed to create all of the visuals by myself on a Dell laptop. A brilliant thanks to Mac Smith of Skywalker Sound for his sound design and Thievery Corporation for the congruous soundtrack.


Glow 4 Broke from Elliott on Vimeo.

VJ Eggatronix – Playing around with Modul8 and some new loops. Designed for a Triple head to go! setup @ Glastonbury Festival.

Music – Mount Kimbie – Maybes (James Blake remix)

Gluko & Lennon ENG from Gluko & Lennon on Vimeo.

English HD Version

Hu Lulu Hong Longlong Hua Lala from RAY on Vimeo.

Animation: Ray Lei
Music: Stars Lee

The story is about a small village. One day, the heavy rain break the people’s peaceful life,
A brave child swim to the Universe, to save the world.

“Hu Lulu”, Oh! My hat flew off!
“Hong longlong” Cover your ears!
“Hua Lala” Let’s dance together.
“Ah yaya” Is the sewer blocked ?
“La lala” Singing on the rainbow.

FLUFFY MC CLOUD from conorfinnegan on Vimeo.

A short film about man’s misunderstanding and mixed relationship with mother nature (barf!)..

This is my graduate film from IADT National Film School.. Its a bit of a mix of stop-motion, live action and hand drawn animation, shot in my attic on a Cannon EOS 5D, Cannon 450D and a 7D too (basically any camera i could borrow from friends and siblings). i hope you like it!

Racing Sky from G Squared on Vimeo.

Just a quick down and dirty time lapse I did using my Nikon D80 and a TR2MAG Timer Remote Control. Took one picture every 30 seconds for 12 hours and ended up with 1440 images. Camera was in Apeture Priority and Auto White Balance so the colors drift a bit. Video is running at 15 FPS.

The Planet Manifesto from Princeton Community Television on Vimeo.

Michel Mockers presents a guide for easy living

The Hulk Hands Theory (short version) from nunub on Vimeo.

Mixed rotoscope and fantasy drawing.

Based on The Big Bang Theory (Great TV show s03e12).
Music by Fikret Kızılok (Ay Battı).
Drawn by nunub.com

This little anime never reusing shapes (focusing live over optimize). It experiment the old-repetitive-fashioned way (paper, graphite and watecolor).
The motion as itself isn’t a great deal (in fact, I don’t care the subject) but method makes it original. Just pause at any point and enjoy the frame per frame full rebuild.
The 2500 originals were exposed as diptychs.

Thanks for interesting.

a bear film from kris anka on Vimeo.

third year calarts film.

Helium. from Daniele Zannone on Vimeo.

I created this short film at school..it took me about 8 months to complete.
you can reach me at daniele.zannone(at)gmail.com if you want to say hi.

sound design by Ivan Martinez!

vol. 31


late 14c. (but rare before end of 16c., and not in K.J.V.), from L. animale “living being, being which breathes,” neut. of animalis “living, of air,” from anima “breath, soul” (see animus). Drove out the older beast in common usage. Used of brutish humans from 1580s. As an adj., attested from 1540s; animal rights is attested from 1879; animal liberation from 1973. Animal magnetism originally (1784) referred to mesmerism (q.v.). Animalism “the doctrine that man is a mere animal” is from 1857.

Volo – Le Dimanche from Cube Creative on Vimeo.

Directed by Tom Haugomat&Bruno Mangyoku&Quentin Baillieux, Produced by Nicolas de Rosanbo/Cube
Thanks to Paul Feton , Raphelle Tinland, Mathilde Ollitraut-Bernard et Emmanuelle Walker for their nice pictures, thanks to Francois Maumont for his help on the 2D animations also.

Don’t Give it Up from Fernando Leal on Vimeo.

Animated video for the song Don’t Give it Up from Deep River Running’s 2010 homonymous record.

A bizarre love triangle between Emile a poet, Laila his crazy sweetheart and a sinister clown from an obscure amusement park, is narrated through a series of tattoos made on a heart by a mysterious winged character.

Animation: El Santo Flagelo (Fernando Leal, David Gamiño 3D).

Dur: 3:48






Animal from Jeff Howard on Vimeo.

My first experiment of using audio with a processing sketch. This sketch is using perlin noise to move the main particle which all of the others are attracted to. Will be posting more examples as I continue to explore the applications of physics in Nature of Code.

The song is a Miike Snow remix by Peter, Bjorn and John called ‘Animal’.

animal, Animal from emily elise on Vimeo.

This project is a hand drawn documentation of a land conflict between the Southwestern Gray Wolf and my family ranch in Central Texas. It arose from a series of drawings in which the black and white imagery relates to wolf information, and likewise the color imagery relates to information I kept regarding how and when I communicated with my family.

Shot on 16mm using an Oxberry animation stand at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. It features a sound track composed of field recordings gathered in the northeast and central Texas.

ANIMUS – Aziz from OZI Escola de Audiovisual on Vimeo.

Connection from Tony Prescott on Vimeo.

Director Tony Prescott
DOP Trevor King
Boy Nick Robinson
Girl Meg Williams

Prize winner in the Samsung LED Launch Competition

Connection is a romantic little tale about two strangers, a Guy and a Girl subconsciously linked as they sleepwalk around the city.

As Guy and Girl slink about in their PJ’s (with a few well-crafted accessories), sharing parallel experiences, drawn to each other, they finally come face to face in the park.

Sharing a moment, the two move in on each other, only to clash causing them to wake up from their sleep and realise where they are, what they are wearing and more to the point wondering who is this person in front of them?

This short film uses the technique of stop motion and pixelation, meaning it was shot using a sequence of still images that allowed me to create a stilted movement building upon the dreamy tone for this project.

I guess my rationale for this film in relation to the four pillars of Samsung’s LED is that we are all inexplicably connected, but sometimes we need a little bit of help getting it started.

Connection from Áskell Fannar Bjarnason on Vimeo.

Connection a small 3d animated movie made by me in the Icelandic Multimedia school. www.mms.is

Connection from pcla_pc on Vimeo.

Stop motion
edit: AE, IS
Group: Paula, Michael

Connect from Emir Alp on Vimeo.

CONNECT from kiwie on Vimeo.

Video editing : KIWIE
Project for ZNAK agency.

connect from rossie on Vimeo.

just for fun

vol. 30

Corridor. from Dos Santos Nelson on Vimeo.


In a hospital, a man falls into a coma.
Short-film wholly made in 3 weeks by 3 students.

Realised by :
Gelson Da Costa N’ganga
Fernando Da Graça
Nelson Dos Santos

Music by :
Vincent Girès
Arts et Technologies de l’Image 2010

Flightpattern from Gwen Vanhee on Vimeo.

Handdrawn audio responsive video exploration.

Audio: Amon Tobin – El Cargo

Arkologie from Neal Ellis on Vimeo.

A short experimental work.

See a gallery of stills here:


My reel and portfolio:


Dry Fish from Andy Martin on Vimeo.

More at http://www.andymartin.info

Sometime you find yourself in a place that you just can’t explain and quite often it can be a little bit worrying. This animated short tells of one such occasion as our hero tries to express his feelings in the only way he can…via the medium of song.

For a making of this animation click here: http://www.andymartin.info/blog/?p=653

vol. 29

Metronomy – On The Motorway – by JUL & MAT from JUL & MAT on Vimeo.

Unofficial video for Metronomy – On the Motorway
Directed by http://www.juletmat.fr

special thanks : Because Music, Metronomy, Thomas Cheneseau, Les Films du Hiboo and Vanessa Bigot

music from jenerek b on Vimeo.

IN FLAGRANTI – ESCAPADE from in flagranti on Vimeo.

Produced by Sasha Crnobrnja & Alex Gloor
Video by Alex Gloor (2003)

vol. 28

ASCENSION from chris lavelle on Vimeo.

The finished piece. An experimental piece based around particle system generated by music and sound, pieced together to create a narrative of a cycle of life. Hopefully reflecting warmth, confusion discomfort and peace. This is the final version. Using Trapcode particular 2 and after effects. oh! and soundkeys.

Morphing Letters & Shapes from Ghassan Naji on Vimeo.

Used the built-in radio waves plugin in after effects to create an ethereal animation of morphing letters and shapes.

Music by Dhafer Youssef

Special thanks to Satya Meka

“In 2004, Canadian households were responsible for about 322 megatonnes of GHG emissions. About 65% of these emissions were released by industry in the production of goods and services for purchase by Canadian households (i.e. food, electricity). The remaining 35% of the emissions resulted from in-home fuel use (i.e. natural gas and heating oil) and motor fuels use.”

subprime from beeple on Vimeo.

watch the american housing market spiral out of control.

become a fan of beeple: http://www.facebook.com/beeple
become a fan of nobot: http://www.facebook.com/pages/NOBOT/33513694942?ref=ts

beeple-crap.com / myspace.com/nobot / vimeo.com/sounddesigner

Operation: Toyland from clemento on Vimeo.

This was shot with the 5d mark II in Munich (Germany), Innsbruck (Austria) and Lucern (Switzerland).
Music by DJ Cam Quartet

vol. 1-27

Neon from Olof Lindh on Vimeo.

Nike chase from ilovedust on Vimeo.

Uploaded by onemoreprod. – Independent web videos.

Clutchy Hopkins – Verbal Headlock from Ubiquity Records on Vimeo.

3 Letters from Cem Perin on Vimeo.

The Replacement – A short animated film by Dylan Ralke from DMT at Red River College on Vimeo.

LORMALIZED from Reza on Vimeo.

Ben.MaZUé – Obama from JUL & MAT on Vimeo.

Dans le cadre de la résidence vidéo “Musiq’O’Lycée”,
6 élèves ont réalisé en 4 jours le clip de Ben.MaZUé
avec l’aide de http://www.facebook.com/julandmat armés d’un NIKON D90

As part of the artist residence “Musiq’O’Lycée”
6 students have done in only 4 days a music video for Ben.MaZUé with the help of http://www.facebook.com/julandmat armed with a NIKON D90

Ben MaZUé : http://www.myspace.com/benmazue
Musiq’O’Lycée : http://www.myspace.com/musiqolyceehf
Jul & Mat : http://www.juletmat.fr

Nature by Numbers from Cristóbal Vila on Vimeo.

Curious Displays from Julia Tsao on Vimeo.

hair today from graham kostic on Vimeo.

Egg from Tom Blyth on Vimeo.
A two minute abstract animation observing conflict in relationships. The drama of a push/pull relationship unravels in the confines of an egg.

religion from Green Team USA on Vimeo.

Lumitectura from barno on Vimeo.

Humanoid BCO from Forward MotionTheater on Vimeo.

2010 from www.bastienroger.com on Vimeo.

Survey from FaithBridge Church on Vimeo.

Pleasure from Michael Ho on Vimeo.

Share the gospel