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Fans of “One Life to Live’s” gay couple Kyle Lewis (Brett Claywell) and Oliver Fish (Scott Evans), better known as “Kish,” will rally in Times Square to protest their favorite characters being written off of the soap.

The fans, who call themselves the “Kish Army,” will gather outside ABC’s “Good Morning America” studios starting at 6:30 a.m. ET on Friday, March 26. The Save Kish website, which is helping to spread awareness about the event, accuses ABC of “giving in to bigots.”

Protesters are encouraged to make signs and wear t-shirts that support the actors or characters, and organizers are expected to appear in the “Good Morning America” studio audience as well. Fans plan to not only support “Kish,” but also gay representation in the media in general, and gay story lines on daytime television.

While midwestern housewives and conservative assholes hide behind their disapproval letters, they should never underestimate the power of TV fans in large numbers! I never understood how fans could be okay with the incestuous storyline of Mitch Lawrence trying to rape and impregnate his own daughter but god forbid if a gay couple comes on daytime TV and has a honest and loving relationship, that ruffles your feathers. i will never understand people’s mentality. Or maybe it’s okay because incest is the norm in all the red states.


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Rosie O’Donnell plans a return to daytime for a new show that, according to Socialite Life, she says will be, “laughter and love in the afternoon.” She is no stranger to daytime talk having been a former member of The View and host of her own show The Rosie O’Donnell Show. It has been eight years since the end of her show and three since she last appeared on The View. Does she still have what it takes to host on daytime?
“Come fall 2011, daytime television will change in a very dramatic way,” said O’Donnell in a statement. “I want to build on what Oprah began and excelled at for 25 years, in my own style and with new adaptations and ideas. I would like this show to make a difference in viewer’s lives, to be real, uplifting, authentic and focus on life, love and laughter.”
According to The New York Daily News her new show will focus on a single subject, with in-studio guests and occasional pre-taped packages. The show will also be filmed in front of a live studio audience five days a week here, in Manhattan.

I will definitely check this show out, I love anyone who is outspoken, and that definitely is Rosie so I will be watching when it debuts in 2011.


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Who knew a measly ten-minute video could cause such a stir, especially in a post-Madonna world. Faux News isn’t the only station looking to gain attention to their retarded channel by piggybacking off of the back of others. Some in the transgender community are pissed at Gaga over a line in the prison scene of the video they feel is transphobic:

“It seems with her latest video she’s continuing this gender essentialism, slipping in a ‘no dick = not a tranny’ joke at about a minute in, before the song even begins to play. The scene is set in a prison, and after being dragged to her cell and stripped by two women who appear to be trans Lady Gaga climbs up against the bars in a shot clearly designed to dispel any rumours. At that point one of the trans women guards says to the other ‘I told you she didn’t have a dick,’ and they walk away…That she’s using trans women and drag queens to exoticize her videos doesn’t defer from the cissupremacist stance that women = vagina, and trans women are therefore not real women. Her anxiety at being seen as trans is clear, and her response is typical of cis privilege and trans marginalization: We’re supposed to wipe our brows and sigh relief that she’s actually a real woman. This is transmisogyny.”

Kris Avalon commented, “As I have stated countless times in this blog, I live for the tranny’s. No one is a bigger supporter of equal rights for transgendered people than myself. I feel they are overreacting. The ‘I told you she didn’t have a dick’ line was her showing she had a sense of humor regarding the rumors that she was intersexed. I don’t think there was any intention of her being discriminative. People in this country really need to lighten up.”


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Actor Daryl Stephens, who has starred in many of my favorite films such as ‘Circuit’, Another Gay Movie, Boy Culture and the popular LOGO TV series Noah’s Arc has never been one to shy away from giving his opinion on things (if you’ve ever read any of his blogs on MySpace). Stephens opened up to blogger William over at about his new gig in the revival of Mart Crowley’s play The Boys In The Band, making music on his MacBook, the demands on openly gay entertainers to become activists, coming out and who he thinks is the greatest threat to LGBT people:

Daryl on Boys In The Band:

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Avalon’s comment: Can I get a Halleleu!

what do you think about daryl’s opinions?