ymca does anyone know what a christian believes?

this is a brilliant editorial piece from our friends at religion dispatches.  i was checking the site out to see what their response was to the phelps mayhem that is ensuing once again and found this post first.  i grew up christian…or catholic for that matter…and we certainly had a very loose belief system when it came to the bible and the ‘word of god’.  my family was certainly not the best example of a christian family, but we were mostly hardworking, generous, charity driven and respectful members of the community.  my oldest brother went to catholic school straight through high school, my middle brother until 8th grade and i only went until 5th grade and then continued my education in the public school system.  i had the best and worst of both worlds and that’s what i think made me much cooler than both of my brothers combined (haha)  one thing i remember for sure, since my family was certainly not rolling in money at any time, there were times when my mother and father were not able to fill up and envelope to add to collections during sunday mass.  what was supposed to be an anonymous donation was basically an envelope that our parents had to fill with money on a weekly basis and write their name on the outside so that the priests could check off who donated and who didn’t.  i remember the head priest father o’donnell stopping my mother in the school hallways a few times questioning her why our envelope was missing.  even at that young age i knew to walk away and let my mother deal with the unnecessary embarrassment without me present.  i think that was when my disdain for organized religion must have been planted.  when you grow up as the youngest in your family with cousins and aunts and uncles all many years older than you, i guess you grow up a little too fast in some ways and a little too slow in other ways.   i’ve always been a busy body and that certainly comes from what i saw growing up from other members of my very italian/american family.

all jokes and idiosynchracies aside, there was a time when i did think i was going to be a priest growing up and that certainly was a distant memory until recently when a dear, dear friend of mine since high school suggested a magical idea to me.  her and her fiance will be getting married in october in new jersey and guess who just got himself ordained to be the celebrant at their wedding?  how does reverend dandridge sound to you?

logo v5 does anyone know what a christian believes?

What Do ‘The Christians’ Believe? Easter Reflections from a Non-Christian

By Gary Laderman

On any given day, Christianity is invoked to justify pacifism, violent uprising, both opposition and support for government health care, even support and opposition to genres of music. Do we have to reevaluate our conceptions of ‘what Christians believe’ in the same way we’ve had to do it for Hindus, Native Americans, and others?

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Many scholars have argued that the term “Hindu” was essentially a colonial invention that erased difference and imposed uniformity for the purposes of power and classification. As Easter approaches and I read through the news, absorbing the cultural trends of the day, a lingering, increasingly vexing question comes to mind: what do “the Christians” believe?

Over the span of a 24-hour news cycle one hears about Christians in action with all sorts of spoken and unspoken moral commitments and sacred investments, but at the end of the day it is increasingly difficult to reconcile this array under one theological umbrella.

This week members of a Christian militia identified as the Huttaree were arrested by the FBI. Members of this militia, one of the many extreme right wing Christian groups operating in the US, are alleged to be stockpiling guns, teaching people how to use explosives, planning a war against the government, and initiating a final battle with the Anti-Christ. It appears they planned to kill local police officers with hopes this would bring others to the violent religious war.

What do the Christians believe?

We are witnessing what could be one of the most destructive scandals ever in the Catholic Church. A flurry of reports and allegations have been in the news recently of institutional authorities covering up or taking lightly charges against priests who have taken a vow of celibacy and are accused of sexually abusing children and misusing their power. Although it is not yet clear how Pope Benedict XVI will deal with these charges in the long run, his recent homily referring to the ‘petty gossip of dominant opinion’ glossed over these serious charges and what role, if any, he had in how the situation was mishandled at the Vatican, reminding his followers about the true mission of the church and to focus on Jesus Christ.

What do the Christians believe?

The recent health care debates surfaced the radical differences that exist among Christians about health and care. On the one side are conservative Christians who see in the recent legislative victory for President Obama nothing less than the triumph of a communist-inspired, baby-killing plot that is destructive for individuals, families, and the nation; on the other side are progressive Christians who believe President Obama should do even more to work for social justice and the betterment of humanity through governmental action. Yet both sides look to Jesus Christ for guidance about health in American society.

What do the Christians believe?

For many, rap and hip hop are the devil’s music with no redeeming features. But the growing number of artists and outlets for Christian rap, like HolyCulture.net, are challenging many popular stereotypes and perceptions about how entertainment and evangelization mix to bring a distinctly Christian message to young folks today. And in the recent efforts by conservative Christians to shape the content of educational textbooks in Texas, country and western music has been given a seal of approval as a significant cultural movement worthy of study. Yet for rappers as well as country crooners, Jesus inspires musicians and the music they create.

What do the Christians believe?

Same-sex marriage, euthanasia, immigration, race relations…the list of topics that demonstrate the vast and often heavily contested views of Christians goes on and on. Indeed, it’s much easier to talk about how Christians differ than to identify just what they all agree on, and that may be the point. Perhaps all agree about the life and teaching of Jesus? Or that the New Testament is God’s revealed word? Any investigation beneath the surface of these possibilities would reveal the impossibility of consensus. Just take a quick glance at conservative responses to Brian McLaren’s A New Kind of Christianity to get a feeling for the way this debate takes place in real time.