thetreeofidolapromo Behold... DJ Chauncey Ds The Tree Of Idola on Radio Dentata

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The Tree of Idola by DJ Chauncey D

This week’s episode of “The Sodomighty Show” called “The Tree Of Idola” takes you on a spiritual journey of supreme synth crescendos and hedonistic melodies.   It tells a biblical tale of lust, obsession, false prophets and powerful passion firmly planted in electro pyrotechnics and ferocious brimstone disco.   Just like your church,  your dance floor can be anywhere you want it to be so let Chauncey lead you from his pulpit to worship yourself and experience the full force of your SODOMIGHTY!

Here is the tracklist so you know what you’re in store for!

lykke li – i follow rivers (the magician remix)

ka so re – bunnies (helsinki 78-82 remix)

trap.avoid – little countries (neurotic drum band feat. sale principal remix)

shades of rhythm – sweet sensation (mighty mouse alt moog remix)

flight facilities feat. giselle – crave you (c90s remix)

daft punk – derezzed (avicii remix)

adam k ft. naan – wake up (morgan page remix)

the subs – the face of the planet (style of eye remix)

axwell – heart is king

felguk – whatever clever (dirtyloud remix)

count jackal – slowburner (hemingway’s afterburner mix)

nile delta – all this (chicken lips malfunction)


b2c logo 2 Behold... DJ Chauncey Ds The Tree Of Idola on Radio Dentata

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