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moz screenshot 5 a brainwash for valentine's day?mr brainwash icons show big a brainwash for valentine's day?“Icons” by Mr. Brainwash is open to the public from February 14 to March 30 at 415 West 13th Street on the ground floor. The first 300 people to attend the gallery on opening day starting at 3 p.m. will receive a limited-edition signed print.

Mr. Brainwash: Icons

by Karen Day, 12 February 2010

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Opening this weekend in NYC, filmmaker-turned-street artist, Mr. Brainwash‘s newest exhibition “Icons” features his paint-splattered portraits of famous fashion designers, musicians and other figures (including Campbell’s soup-labeled spraycans and a Superman-Obama) in a 15,000-square-foot warehouse.

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The controversial eccentric is known as much for his over-the-top antics as he is for his artwork, splashing onto the scene in L.A. by relentlessly documenting fellow street artists Shepard Fairey and Banksy. The latter recently featured Brainwash in his own film “Exit Through the Gift Shop” and says “Mr. Brainwash is a force of nature, he’s a phenomenon. And I don’t mean that in a good way.”

brainwash 8 a brainwash for valentine's day?Known formally as Thierry Guetta, the French provocateur claims to use Krazy Glue to attach his art to public walls, in an act that he says is about forcing people who don’t like art to view it anyway.

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Mr. Brainwash attempted to keep the location of the show a secret until its opening on 14 February 2010 (where he will hand out signed prints to the first 300 people), but word already leaked of the Meatpacking District spot. For more information on the exact address, stay tuned to his website.

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