Month: January 2021

The Very First Freak Out of 2021! Wednesday, February 3rd on Facebook, Twitch & YouTube!

Welcome to the very first Freak Out Variety Show of 2021! The recently Glam Award-nominated monthly show, curated by Chauncey Dandridge, is a smorgasbord of talented musicians, comedians, poets, and performance artists. Each month, Chauncey assigns a theme to his performers and lets them take it away to their special place! This month, the loose

Broadway To Bombay Kicks Off 2021 With Virtual Celebration February 27th

BROADWAY TO BOMBAY KICKS OFF 2021 WITH A VIRTUAL CELEBRATION AND DEMONSTRATION OF LOVE AND COURAGE! SET YOUR REMINDERSSaturday, February 27th!9:30AM NYC8:00PM MUMBAI Along with the Producers of Pieces of Us the Documentary Film, we invite you to participate in our live interactive workshop on February 27th! Our diverse backgrounds may be different, but our